Eurogamer: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview

Eurogamer: "As this level opens, Jensen seems closer than ever to picking up the threads of a conspiracy that might, just might, go right to the very top. "A lot of the Detroit city hub is about discovering what happened at your company, when Sarif Industries got attacked by those shadowy mercenaries. It's the beginning of the conspiracy," explains Jacques-Belletete, before describing our gravel-voiced hero's recent exploits.

The previous mission, previously shown to the press and the world at large at last year's Cologne games show, saw Jensen take a brain chip from the head of a hacker in a police morgue that is (depending on the way you played it) now filled with somewhat socially charmed people, forcibly snoozing people or lots of dead people. Well, more dead people than usual."

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kyl2772735d ago

"it's clear that this is a game of true Deus Ex vintage. "

YES, few games can match that. If it lives up to the first one GOTY for sure, only idiots would disagree,

OcelotRigz2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Sounds good.
Glad they made the "highlighting" optional and worked on the difficulty, shows they're listening to fans.

Cant wait!

Reborn2735d ago

I still got this on pre-order, seems it will remain that way.

Tdmd2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Never played a Deus Ex before, but I'm quite curious for this one. It seems fantastic, and this is coming from a "first-person" hater. :p

No_Pantaloons2735d ago

That's such complete BS. They say its like dx1 yet they changed so many things its hard to believe they can even still call it that. Invisible war also said it was a true sequal that improved on the original.

Don't get me wrong I hope it were good, but its DA2 type changes that they've made with this which give me little hope that it will be anything close to what the fans want.

If you're interested in this, by all means keep it on radar, but please hold off on the preorders cause this has had ugly writen on it since days 1 of "design changes."

edhe2734d ago

Ah bull.

You can change so many things about an idea but keep the idea intact. What they've done with this, according to all previews, is maintain the 'spirit' of de and the atmosphere.

And it was that, above all else, that made me play the shit out of it.

Of what i've heard about DA2 you spend a lot of time in the one place - which is nothing like DA:O which had you visiting 4-5 main hubs around the world, all particularly unique.

Invisible war seemed cool to start with but it was a laborious effort that sucked the soul of the original, not embellished upon it.

No_Pantaloons2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

ok.... for starters, I played both Origins and DA2 which is why I used it as an example. You might wanna play it and not debate me based on what you heard.
My point was the numerous changes made to gameplay leave it far from what dedicated fans have been looking forward to. Since you might need a refresher here are the most prominent.

-DX3 has dropped melee weapons/attack altogether and adopted a kill animation like Assassins creed.
-Player now has regenerating health instead of being forced to find and use items to restore it.
-There is now a 3rd person cover system like gears of war. It allows you to see around corners/barriers unlike DX1 and is not optional.

There are several more you can look up for yourself, but I don't wanna drag this out.

To say you don't think those changes are significant makes you a fairly casual fan, cause most are even more rabid then I am, and I'm pretty disgusted at the level of design changes they've gone full steam ahead with.

As for Invisible War, you're not even debating me, you're agreeing so maybe you didn't read it right. The same design changes (like universal ammo and no passwords)for that game were hyped in the exact same fashion. The DX2 team said all the same things about it improving on the original, yet none of the players agreed when it came out. Its widely considered decent to garbage, but never better than the first.

So what exactly makes you believe this team is right and the fan base is wrong? Especially since this group has not one game under their belt for experience and are tapering with a game that commonly makes greatest of all time lists.

edhe2734d ago

regenerating health is a step forward, it avoids stupid bad-save scenarios and/or situations where you can't win.

Take-down animations are vastly superior to standing in FPS "thwacking" at a character ala oblivion.

3rd person cover is a more functioning gameplay system than just standing behind a wall.

These things are gameplay improvements, not detractions.

dx2 was meh, no arguments there. Also don't mistake "dedicated" for "obsessive".