Playstation Network Hack Shows That Games And Their Problems Are Mainstream

Kotaku - The banner headline this morning for the San Jose Mercury News was: Sony says PlayStation users' personal and credit data may have been stolen.

Congratulations, games are mainstream and so are their problems.

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2hoodz2821d ago

E3 need to hurry up.. tired of the same news..

xer02821d ago

Yeah, i'm getting tired of this news to.
But good article. Games are the mainstream now :)

NatureOfLogic2821d ago

Im done with PSN from now on.

weezeru22821d ago

Good riddance. I am soo tired of people saying they are done with PSN or I am trading in my PS3 for a 360. Drama queens.

Masterchef20072821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

There are some people who have traded in a console for another. But i didnt do it because of the online (although that was a reason) i did it because of the games.

Im talking about selling my 360 for a PS3.

PSN has had its issues but i am pretty sure that Sony will solve them. Now dont be surprised if the hackers attack XBOXlive and people will just ignore the news because it isnt Sony.

Dart892821d ago

Lol you never had psn to begin with go back to you're cave troll.