Pros & Cons: The Download-Only Era

Adiran, a featured writer for Gaming Irresponsibly, covers the pros and cons of living in a more digital gaming world.


Author's name was misspelled. Was written by Adrian. lol.

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AdrianHD2825d ago

I like my boxes and manuals! Don't ever take them away please *sadface*

Zydake2825d ago

I remember when I was like 8 and Super Smash was released i used to sleep with the carton LMFAO.

Bnet3432825d ago

The manuals are already starting to go (Fight Night Champion), and look how they make the cases now for newer games. You know where they take off some of the green plastic, I can actually bend the cases like a fucking novel, it's crazy how shit is changing and don't get me started on that online pass thing. I'm scared for the future of gaming.

BeckyLikesChocolate2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

hardcopy is always better. the product is in the buyer's hands which is the closest to thing ownership as one could get. i keep saying this to those who want dd only. dd is NOT the way to go. i dont care about how trendy dd is, ill take harcopy everytime. its like paper dollars vs gold/silver. gold/silver has intrinsic value while paper dollars(money note confetti) do not and if the dollar falls youre f****** while gold/silver would be widely valued to any economy. i wish people would think about this

Mr Tretton2824d ago

"hardcopy is always better."

Not always. Hardcopies can be stolen, 'borrowed' and never returned, stratched, and no longer work on the next platform. As well as burn in a fire.

Enter Steam on PC: Your house burns down, you get a new PC and redownload all your game purchases that have been forever saved on your Steam account.

I like hardcopies myself, but let's think a little bit.

Nuclearwinter2825d ago

The new eco friendly cases make me nostalgic for those hard as a rock SEGA cartridge cases. These new lame cases are broken before they get unwrapped or while you unwrap them with the cheap plastic they're made of. I can't tell you how many games I've heard rattling before the plastic was even off.

Bring back the old cases that lasted.

agentxk2825d ago

There still is no better feeling than opening up a game. Taking the clear wrap off and scoping out the contents... it's like xmas every time!

VainZiler2825d ago

It's honestly not the same without having that actual collection, to be able to physically see what you worked for and purchased.

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The story is too old to be commented.