Face It: Call of Duty Is A Guilty Pleasure


"A lot of people have told me, whether it is at college or on twitter, that they cannot stand the Call of Duty franchise because it's just got out of hand and same-o same-o each one. I, myself, do agree with them. With Battlefield 3 footage floating about, people have said "Oh Battlefield 3 will own Call of Duty", which they might be right, or they might be wrong. There's usually a lot of hate when it comes to Call of Duty now; mostly actually directed at Activision for some strange reason.

But c'mon guys. Face it. Call of Duty is a guilty pleasure. A lot of people will say "I am not going to buy this game." But in honest truth, you may/will buy it. And why? Because everybody else does."

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Close_Second2783d ago

Yes...but Call of the Dead looks like a real guilty pleasure. It looks like a blast.

Kran2783d ago

And that's how else it temps you... lol ;P

limewax2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Call of Duty is a disease

farhad2k82782d ago

I know many people who talk so much shit about CoD, but then go and play the damn game.
The fact is, it's fun. But for some people, it just dosnt give them entertainment about it, mainly because they force themselves to not like the game.

For about a month, I hated CoD, I used to think it was a completely unbalanced game, then I realized that;s what it was.. a GAME. So I just played it and had fun instead of moaning constantly and growing gray hairs.

Rybakov2783d ago

call of duty is guilty of ruining gaming not a guilty pleasure

Close_Second2783d ago

It has not ruined it its just made FPS multiplayer more accessible to the masses. Unfortunately by doing so they alienated the hardcore audience that helped make the COD franchise a success in the first place.

Danielmccue2783d ago

Call of duty has done a LOT for gaming.

Gaming is no longer a geeky hobby anymore thanks to COD

The franchise has sold so many copies its become the face of gaming to the public.

tmoss7262783d ago

Honestly I wouldn't care if it was a geeky hobby....And it's sad because there are much more well made games then CoD, yet most people only follow the crowd.

Rybakov2783d ago

yes cause really short game play terrible broken gameplay that has been using the same engine for like 4 years now with no update REAAAALY helps gaming

look at elder scrolls people get 100+ hours out of those can be call of duty in 2 hours.....not to mention they have the worst stories on earth cause the devs think its 1952 and are afraid of things they don't understand

but yeah its clearly done a lot for gaming to RUIN IT

Chnswdchldrn2783d ago

im guilty of buying all the new CODs Ill admit that, but I sure as hell stopped buying DLC when MW2 came out with that overpriced shit

Havent bought a single 15 dollar DLC since

Raven_Nomad2783d ago

It's a pleasure, but I don't feel ashamed to love the series. Maybe if other FPS games stepped up to the plate like the boys over at Activision there would be some other titles worth playing in the FPS genre aside from Halo.

If you don't have the new COD, YOUR NOTHING!

acquanemesisX2783d ago

Unfortunatelly Call of Duty won't die. There are other shooters that I believe that are better than Call of Duty and their sales don't even compare. I know people that never heard of any shooter except for Call of Duty. Call of Duty isn't quantity over quality nor quality over got none because there are other games with better quality and more features and yet Call of Duty sells...what a shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.