First Set of Madden NFL 12 Screenshots Feature Cover Athlete Peyton Hillis

The first five screenshots from Madden 12 display Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis, the cover athlete which was announced earlier today.

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The Matrix2821d ago

Lol how the heck did he make it onto the cover? Seriously??

Troll_Police2821d ago

All the good players are scared of the Madden curse and won't take the cover so that leaves the average players to take the cover.

xGet_In_There2820d ago

this was a fan voted tournament. EA didn't go to players and ask them if they wanted to be on the cover. And Hillis is far from average.

KDubyah2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

He may be far from average, but he's certainly no Adrian Peterson..
He burst onto the scene last year, I just wonder if he can again.

nevin12821d ago

on espn's sportsnation. they had vick and hills in which a ea sport rep revealed that hills is the winner.

13 million voters?

the last good madden game was when vick was on the cover.

Pwnage2u2821d ago

Hey! It looks like Madden 11!