Soaring sales of PS3 thanks to 60GB model, 40GB version flops

According to PSPSPS, almost 90% of people buying a PS3 opted for the 60GB model which included two games for only £50 more than the 40GB model which did not include games.

It's not really clear what Sony's game is, first it was a 20GB and 60GB model and no one was interested in the 20GB model so it got discontinued and then it was only the 60GB model and now it's being discontinued and replaced with a less capable 40GB model.

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sonarus4020d ago

well as long as ur getting two games plus 4 usb ports plus backward compatibility for only 50 pounds more you have got to be really really pressed for cash to go for the 40GB. It will be more successful in regions without the game bundles but its hard to look at that little price margin between 40GB and 60gB with all the extra stuff ur gettin and turn away. I predicted this would happen as soon as they announced it. 40GB needs bundle too unless it simply wnt sell.

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Shankle4020d ago

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goodganja4020d ago

Anyway. That gives gamers a choice on deciding if the backwards compatibility is important to them or not. The important thing is buyers have the choice on getting a PS3 at a very reasonable price. This will put 360 out of the competition considering you're getting true HD Experience on PS3 and NOT ON XBOX360.

lol @ 640p games

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Gina-get-u4020d ago

Aha! Don't say I didn't see this coming. I don't think the bundle was the reason for the surge. Even if you bundle 2 games with the 40 gb model, people won't be in a rush to buy it because they know there will be plenty of those for a long time. On the other hand, people know that BC is going to get phased out, and if they want it, they will have to act quickly before the 60 gb model is gone for good. That is the only plausible explanation for the sudden jump in sales. I predict PS3 hardware sales will return to their former levels as soon as stocks of the 60 gb model are sold out.

secret4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

The PS3 must win. Please watch and see why...

Xbox360 owners would've done their math and opted for the 40gb model, saying that it's "cheaper."

Mark 14019d ago

So, PS3 sales are up 178%. Amazing. Except that when you start being given percentage figures instead of actual sales figures you know someone is trying to hide something. You see, in the previous week PS3 only sold a measley 6700 machines. 20,000 less than the 360, so despite the increase it is still falling short by a long measure, shifting only about 18000 units. What's worse for Sony, is that nearly 90% of those sales were for the soon-to-be-discontinued 60GB backwards-compatible version. That is REALLY bad news for the senior executive that thought the public would want to buy a Chavtastic Gimped machine. In summary, PS3 = Fuked. Move along now.

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MrSwede4020d ago

@Twizlex, you are correct and I cancelled my report as you can see.
I´ll approve it cause it doesn´t say anything about the percentages of the total sales in the first article.

Shadow Flare4020d ago

For £50 more you get 2 extra games, proper backwards compatibility and multi-format memory card support, (and i think an extra sixaxis controller?). That's just the smarter choice frankly

I think sony included the games with the 60gb and not the 40gb so it would seem like the better offer and people would pay for the more expensive version. Worked didn't it? I'm sure when the 60gb version stops, they'll include the games with the 40gb version. OR when the 60gb stops, an 80gb model will crop its head and THAT version will include the games. Just like america *wipes tear from eye*

Panthers4020d ago

After the 60GB is gone, the 40 will sell like crazy. They are just trying to clear their stock. People realize that if they want BC, they better act fast.

actionjackson4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

I completely agree. This is Sony's way of clearing 60Gb stock. However, in regards to BC, I'm not entirely convinced that Sony will not provide a solution to the 40Gb. Sony's mantra has always been to release hardware and than compliment it months later with a solution favorable to the consumer. They have always held the stance that "we have heard the customers and have decided to offer what customer wants." They did this with the release of the PS3 hardware, multiple firmware, and recently with the games issue. Most people have argued that the absence of the GS chip means PS2 can't be emulated on the PS3, but I think Sony is going to pull this one out of their sleeve once 60Gb stock clears. Sony has never been a fan of negative press and they have always responded by providing solutions to what is lacking. Also, besides the VP in Europe, we have yet to hear any official announcement from Sony that BC is dead in Europe. Let's wait to hear Phil for validaton. Once the 60Gb is gone, expect the 80Gb (with BC) to step into the same price point of the 60Gb. This will elliminate any 40Gb/60Gb confusion. The 40Gb/80Gb distinction is much easier for the average consumer to comprehend and justify the different price points. Most average consumers do no look further than the numbers on hardware size. Once the 40Gb/80Gb are the norm, people will understand the difference in spending more or less.

Kururo4020d ago

as they should be. you wont see a 60gb ps3 on shelf by the end of november