In an Effort to Protect Itself, Sony Fails to Guard its Customers

Forbes writes: "As most of our Forbes tech and security correspondents have covered the hell out of the recent breach of PSN, exposing the personal info of 77 million members, I don’t have too terribly much to add other than to reiterate what a true catastrophe this really is, and why Sony has no one to blame but themselves."

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kyl2772734d ago

Even Forbes it tearing into Sony and I totally agree, they kept the info hidden for so long to protect themselves rather than putting their loyal customers first.

LOGICWINS2734d ago

Even if that were true, you won't get too much support for that comment on this site.

labaronx2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

but eventually he'll have to stop copying and pasting it in every article

we get it your upset, i'm upset, but whining about it for 24 hours isn't going to help......

does he have every right to trade in his ps3 and no longer support sony, Yes and I wont blame him, but just do it, whats the point of constantly complaining if the consensus of ps3 fans say they are not bothered by it

omi25p2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

i one hundred percent agree with him, i have lost all trust in sony.

Rather than tell us that there is a possible security breach and allow us to do all we can to protect ourselfs they waited and hoped there wasnt just to cover there arses.

DaTruth2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Actually, Forbes only writes articles about Sony that tear into Sony!

The Western media is in full steam trying to save the US economy by sacrificing all other international brands!

Damage control on a global scale! It seems they are failing! Hold on tight for the double dip depression!

JoelR2734d ago

I did notice that the article assumed some things that are not in evidence.... (and I thought Forbes fact checked... oh they do this is just an opinion blog and not a FORBES article..)

error 1

The PSN has been offline since, and Sony is just now telling customers, five days later, that this information had been compromised.

sony has said "may" not "has"

error 2

how lax Sony’s security is that this was even possible. This kind of info should be stored at the highest level of encryption possible, which is absolutely was not

has he seen the code and the network internals? or is he quoting unsubstantiated net rumors.

error 3

which started over the absolutely ridiculous issue of Sony taking away OtherOS functionality which allowed users to install their own operating system like Linux on their system

this fight actually started before this point.. OtherOS was removed because of the hackers using it to crack the system for illegal purposes. If they wanted homebrew they had access to a fully function (if limited) OS but they wanted more

LOGICWINS2734d ago

Forbes huh? This thing is much bigger than I thought.

killyourfm2734d ago

Forbes, CNN, BBC, Fox...

Dead_Cell2734d ago

Has anyone ever thought that maybe they decided to do a full assessment so they know what they were talking about before they went and made an announcement to the public who will only want the facts?

Anyone? No? Okay then.

-MoOkS-2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Sony should have been utterly transparent as soon as they knew something was wrong. But no, they kept their consumers in the dark and failed to keep them informed of events that could very well mean the theft of their credit card and personal information. Now they finally release some information and we find out that 1.1% of the worlds population have had their personal details compromised.

I feel this could be the death knell for sony's gaming division. They have lost trust of the consumer, they have lost their market share they enjoyed last generation, and overall, the ps3 has failed as a gaming machine. I think we might see sony turn into a developer - like sega did - for the next generation. Sony the conglomerate cannot keep pumping resources into a profitless division that is slowing decaying year after year. It has to stop at some point in time

Guard7192734d ago

Yea uh....If you looked from 2006, the launch of the PS3, to now, I wouldn't call the PS3 decaying, especially when their games have been industry benchmarks and have earned their accolades, especially UNcharted 2: Among Thieves as the 2009 Game of the Year.

Der_Kommandant2734d ago

Failure is success if we learn from it

Guard7192734d ago

Very True! Just hope the SCEA here's that an the rest of the people just foaming at the mouth calling for the downfall of the playstation brand.

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