What Businesses Can Learn from Sony's PSN Security Meltdown

Sony's devastating security breach is not only a public relations nightmare and now, an identity-theft worry for its customers, but it's also a reminder (yet again) of the vulnerability of computer networks.

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Businesses shouldn't have to learn from this.
Businesses should hire folks who know about Risk Management.
Which is what they do if they plan to be successful.
And if they don't, then that's pretty much bad management.
But, I'm pretty sure Sony has a CISO hired. He's the one that takes care of this.

Sometimes I swear that folks learned the entirety of their business knowledge off the back of a cereal box.

cyborg69712730d ago

Same troll different thread. Must suck having one console that's inferior to the rest.
Any company is open to this, when your dealing with such a bottom feeding type like hackers.