PSN Data Theft : Are You Surprised This Happened

People seem surprised at the fact that data was stolen, or may have been stolen, from PSN as a result of the recent attack. Should they be? My thoughts on this topic.

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Dart892758d ago

No cuz it can happen to any company.

metsgaming2758d ago

no thats why i didn't put my CC info on psn. I knew this stuff happens and with psn cards it was unnecessary to do so. I hope steam releases some cards so i can buy some games.

Scyrus2758d ago

its happened to MS, with xbox live, its happened to tj maxx, its happened to well, almost everyone, its just that it hasnt happened to sony and now that it finally has everyone is making a huge deal about it

xAlmostPro2758d ago


exactly dude.. the only reason it's being made such a huge thing is because it's the biggest hack on a console network so of course they can get a tonne of stories and hits out of over reacting to the situation.

Pintheshadows2758d ago

Not really, it happened to Mastercard, NASA, MOD.

HeavenlySnipes2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

surprised to see this article. Haven't seen one like this for a whole two minutes and I was getting a little worried....

-Alpha2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Damn, you beat me to the insult, I was going to say the same thing lol

GlutenMifflin2758d ago

Well then it's good someone posted it right? =)

crackerjack73732758d ago

This happens all the time to various companies, like Pintheshadows said. It's just easy publicity and now people are taking the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and attack PSN. One of my Xbox friends lost all of his account info to a MW2 hacker, so this shit can happen to any system.

Scyrus2758d ago

morons don't know this jack. they just ride the hate tide with the gust of wind called ignorance

Fallouts2758d ago

it does happen all the time and it can happen to any company... im surprised that not enough hackers get caught though...

Yomiro2758d ago

I'm starting to worry about my trophies.

Pintheshadows2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Don't, Sony said that they are safe along with wallet funds.

Just to add, if NASA can get hacked by one guy with ADHD then anyone can.

Yomiro2758d ago

fortget the personal info and CC# my trophies are more important I hope they safe.

metsgaming2758d ago

if you haven't done anything to your system the trophies would sync even if all the trophies were removed so no worries there.

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