Sony Off-The-Record: Credit Card Details Probably Safe

Sony has said off the record that credit card details are probably safe.

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movements2734d ago

OH wow. That would be great news if true!

Temporary_Name2734d ago

I would like to know how they are not compromised when hundreds of dollars have already been stolen!?

mrv3212734d ago

Surprising fact, the ONLY way money can be removed from a card is via a hack at Sony. Nothing else ever. With 70 million hacked accounts I'd expect more than a couple hundreds dollars, heck let's say they get 1 millino details I think they'd steal more than a couple hundreds dollars, I'd take $250 from each card ( $250 wouldn't raise too much suspition )

Another surprising fact everything on the internet is true... EVERYTHING.

RankFTW2734d ago

How do we know that those situations are even related to this incident, could be a coincidence. I mean fraud happens all the time. Just a couple of months ago my father had £1200 spent on a dell computer from his card and a simple call to the bank had it sorted in a couple of days. 3 people out of 75million may be the average fraud rate for all we know.

thor2734d ago

Please, please, PLEASE try to take sensationalist headlines with a grain of salt.

Many PSN users WILL be victims of fraud that may be completely unrelated. Only a thorough investigation will reveal whether PSN users have had their details stolen THROUGH PSN. Even then we might not be 100% certain. If the rate of fraud among PSN users is higher than the general rate, we may have cause for concern, but even then, because many people are now checking their accounts to check for fraud, it's likely that more people will find evidence of fraud they wouldn't have otherwise found - such as small $20 payments which usually go unnoticed in 90% of cases.

I would wait for some solid info before spreading this kind of hysteria.

r1sh122734d ago

we cannot conclude anything until sony confirm something..
Its pointless speculating, even if they said its off the record they have probably said it so people stop calling them.
Lets just wait for sony to actually tell us.

Pwnage2u2734d ago

I heard only CC info from CFW systems were stolen

Red_Phoenix2734d ago

@Temporary_Name, It was only 800$ in fraudulent charges from two people. The victims stated that they were unsure if psn was the cause of theft. I agree with 'rankftw' that it might just be a coincidence. Also, if you had 70 million credit card numbers, wouldn't you spend more than 800$? I do realize that there are people with more than one account, but still, the hacker would have several million unique credit card numbers.

ziggurcat2734d ago

"I would like to know how they are not compromised when hundreds of dollars have already been stolen!?"

that's completely circumstantial. the people who have reported unauthorized charges could have easily had their information swiped from somewhere else a long time ago. there's absolutely no proof of any link between their situation and the recent PSN intrusion.

so please...

and sony themselves have already stated that they do not believe people's credit card information was taken.

thor2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Over 1 per 1000 people in the United States, over 5 per 1000 in the UK. 1.1 per 1000 globally. This was over the period 1998 - 2000 (3 years). That's 156 weeks, so divide by 156, multiply by 70 thousand and you have 494 people who were victims of fraud during the past week out of those 70 million people with PSN accounts.

This is without ANY credit card details being stolen from PSN.

lee_ten2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

on my ignore list temporary, enjoy your stay. if you can't contribute something decent to this thread, then don't post at all.

you have no evidence to suggest money was stolen so do me a favor and quit instigating.

cyborg69712734d ago

Your an idiot turd. Please go away.

kneon2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )


What are you doing using facts and being sensible? Don't you know the sky is falling?


evrfighter2734d ago

try tellin ur wife when u go over to a friends that you probably won't cheat on her and be completely serious about it.

post the results preferably YouTube plz

RankFTW2734d ago

Ok thanks for the link.

Ninjamonkey822734d ago

Tell me this m8, If you had acess to 77 million accounts. A couple hundred quid i think that would be last on our mind for stealing ffs.

Your details if you even have a PS3 are fine. In the worse case seniaro they would not have your pin anyways and it would take you to be a right retard to hand them detials out on the phone are over email.

Understand the trolls that live in theses forums and websites including those that make the new articles they try scoring points of one and other. Back stabbing here and there. Be this xbl and the same would ahve happened.

Actually ask a xbox fanboy and he will tell you a ps3 fanboy wopuld be worse even turn up at his house and try and butt rape his dog. Its outta hand.

Anything outside of what Sony is saying is not worth listening to. PSN will return stronger than it was. Add to that it still dosent take away the fact that the people here that "own" the ps3 will not be letting there ps3 go.

Looking forward to all the new games to come and getting ready for a great E3. Christmas after that and what Sony will throw at us in the new year.

gaffyh2734d ago

Thing is, those reports of money getting stolen might be true, false, or just completely unrelated to the PSN hack.

I mean, how unlikely is it that 1 person or even 100 out 77 million is going to have an unrelated issue with fake withdrawals? Doesn't seem that unlikely

HolyOrangeCows2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

"I would like to know how they are not compromised when hundreds of dollars have already been stolen!?"

1) There is no way of linking those incidents to PSN. Fraud happens ALL the time, and these cases might be completely unrelated.

2) These "cases" that you're referring to are a random NeoGoof post and an email. NeoGoof is a hotbed of anti-PS3 concern trolls. The chances of these being real....not really all that high.

inveni02733d ago

Yeah, I don't think the reported frauds are related. Just like "COD BREAKS YOUR PS3?!?!?" is never true. People just take coincidence as causality. Sony has all CC#s encrypted, and there was no evidence that the encryption key was stolen. Could it be hacked? No, not if the encryption key is dynamically generated. If the key is generated dynamically, there would be no way besides brute force computation that could take years to complete to crack a card number. And even then, that would only be one card.

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egidem2734d ago

Indeed! It would be quite a relief. Still it won't change some people's minds. The fact that this situation got this bad and people's personal information was at risk means that it could very well happen in the future.

I took my credit card details off PSN last December and started to use their cards. Something tells me that once PSN goes back online, these cards are going to be rare to find everywhere!

Thrungus2734d ago

'probably' - strange word to use, lets hope it's good news!

execution172734d ago

I lol'd at the probably part
but I don't use a CC on my PS360, I actually muster up the courage and walk outside and buy the psn xbl cards O.o

r1sh122734d ago

yea...its that safest way to put points/money on your account.
These days you can get them off ebay and amazon.

GodsHand2734d ago

I called my CC company, and just told them I need a new card with a new number, because of a possible breach with sony (pretty hassel free). So in about a week I should have my new card. If someone makes a purchase, that you did not authorize, file a dispute claim, and that charge will be frozen until they can determine if what you claim is true, most of the time it is.

gaffyh2734d ago

Tbh, I think the banks should send out new cards to everyone who calls up and says PSN issue. It would be the easiest solution.

Hitman07692734d ago

The Financial Fraud Action UK also agreed.

Xander7562734d ago

How is this off the record if we're reading it?

Fallouts2734d ago

i know.. and why not make an official statement! its only hurting them more.. just tell ppl wtf is going on, the rep is hurt bad enough as it is and it doesnt help with bs "off the record" statements. but i guess i understand i realize we have ppl that would try to take advantage of this situation...

ziggurcat2734d ago

why? because they need to be absolutely sure before they make any kind of official announcement. they've even stated in their official statement that CC info is not believed to have been compromised due to the intrusion.

Fallouts2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

thats my point though.. they dont have to be 100% sure. if they simply kept ppl in the loop, had a rep that kept ppl updated a little better they can save face that much more..

im a very reasonable person if they simply would of told ppl hey we have a breach and ur cc may have been stolen please cancle the cc just in case. instead of playing the "we dont think its been stolen, that only tells me that their is a 50% chance it was..

like i said its only hurting them more the way they are handling it.. the problem is all these companies always feel like it has to be a top secret till they know its a fact, thats not how it should work when you have ppl cc info at risk.

TheBeast2734d ago

off the rec·ord
not for quotation; "he spoke to the reporter off the record".

It means the reporter spilled the beans after.

gaffyh2734d ago

Yeah it's a little weird, but the guy definitely says "off-the-record."

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