Binary Domain, Sega’s Futuristic Squad Shooter, Won’t Be In Stores Until 2012

"After announcing Binary Domain late last year, Sega hasn’t said much about their futuristic shooter. Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the Yakuza series and Super Monkey Ball, is leading development on Binary Domain. Set in 2080, this PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game has humans battling robots in Tokyo. If you missed it, here’s a teaser trailer for Binary Domain"

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi4538d ago (Edited 4538d ago )

If that trailer was anything to go by this game needs a new writer.

Actually the story sounds good but the script is horrible.

rdgneoz34538d ago

Yah, the story / premise of it sounds interesting, but the dialogue in the trailer is not the greatest.


Sega has cancelled Hyenas ‘and some unannounced games in development’

The move was made “in response to the lower profitability of the European region”

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isarai1d 21h ago

Honestly smart move, there's enough pvp, operator/hero based pvp GAAS games with this same generic style out and upcoming.

Vits1d 20h ago (Edited 1d 20h ago )

That is really sad. Not only cancelling Hyenas, but the other unannounced game and cutting funds yet again for Creative Assembly. This would be the first time in a decade that Sega let those guys do something other than the Total War series and the last time this happened, Creative Assembly delivered one of the best horror experiences out there in the form of ALIEN: ISOLATION.

I get that profitability is low. But maybe it's because Creative Assembly has been stuck putting out yearly releases of the Total War series. Those games are great, don't get me wrong but the market is extremely saturated with them and they are limited in public as they are only available on PC and PC players are know for making their favourite titles last a long time. To the point that people are still playing Total War Shogun 2 from 2011 at reasonable numbers...

So I feel this is a very bad move. It basically boxes the studio in a situation where they are unlikely to improve their profitability. Now not only they will go back to the same yearly franchise, but they will have to do that with a lower budget and likely team as well.

TheColbertinator1d 16h ago

The problem with Total War is that they (CA) themselves saturate the series to death. Out of the last 5 Total War games I felt only Three Kingdoms was presenting new bold ideas. Troy, Britannia, Rome Remastered and Warhammer 3 all felt sloppy or lazy.

Vits1d 15h ago

That is the issue with yearly releases. There is no way a company could manage that and create original and innovative content for each entry. It's a pretty much mutually exclusive situation. And why this cancellations and cuts just sucks. Now TW is literally everything this studio has but with less budget and likely fewer people to work on each entry.

So if you thought their last releases were sloppy or lazy. I would expect that to get even worse and then I would be surprised if Sega closes them, just like they did Creative Assembly Australia before.

purple1011d 20h ago

Can't understand how it would save them money.

If the game was basically finished then surely release it and get a little cash. Surely the money has been spent already and now the easy bit is to release it. ?

Terry_B1d 20h ago

It was supposed to be an online only game that gets updates for years. These would have cost em more than the development so far probably if the game bombs

Terry_B1d 20h ago

They could have canceled it months ago already after seeing the reaction to the trailer(s). Nobody was caring or hyped about this.

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Sega Games Sold Below Expectations in Q1 But Mainstay New Games Are Coming in Second Half

Sega announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year, which identifies the period between April and June 2023.

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Vits59d ago

Well, it is understandable. Sonic Origins Plus is yet another compilation of older titles and probably the worse one yet because it's mostly adding a couple of GameGear games to the not-that-old original Sonic Origins. And the port/remaster of Entrie Oddysey are definitely cool, but the games were always niche and for $40 each, they are a tough sale.

FinalFantasyFanatic58d ago

I'm not surprised the sales were bad, both those games were going to be a hard sell, I wanted Entrian Oddysey, but to see it wasn't the "upgraded" versions, and that they wanted so much for older games, I really couldn't justify it. I'd pay $60/70 for the entire trilogy though.

Agent7559d ago

It shocks me that SEGA is still a shadow in gaming.

Yi-Long59d ago

SEGA is sitting on a pile of absolute gold in terms of games/series folks love(d) but they seem completely ignorant about WHAT and WHY folks love(d) these games.

It seems they only semi wake up about the popularity of their licenses after they allow fans of the series to resurrect them to their former glory, like Whitehead with the amazing Sonic Mania, and Dotemu/Guard Crush Games with Streets of Rage 4.

Sega just sitting on series Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis, Skies of Arcadia, Shinobi, Outrun, Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, etc etc is just beyond ridiculous to me.

It seems they’re insecure/clueless about the potential their own library of IPs offers …

FinalFantasyFanatic58d ago

They really do have a gold mine in terms of IPs, there are rumors of a Skies of Arcadia remaster/port though, so hopefully that one actually happens, I'd buy day one just to support that game.

TheEnigma31359d ago

Sega should really tap into the saturn and dreamcast compilations. I'd but those.

PunksOnN4G59d ago

Lol I mean U guys dropped Persona into gamepassLOL maybe next time dont the fact Persona 3,4,5 on xsx/pc only sold 637k less the a million for all 3 titles in SAD as hell.

GoodGuy0959d ago

Sonic is still at such an odd place and has an identity crisis. They only have Yakuza and the persona games I'm interested in. Please do a Sonic Adventure remake or new entry.