GameSpot: The Fancy Pants Adventures Review

GameSpot writes: "The stick-figure star of The Fancy Pants Adventures takes his moniker seriously. Throughout this cartoonish platformer, you unlock new weapons, hats, and, of course, pants. Our hero wears pink, purple, and plaid with panache, and he slides along curved slopes with equal style. He likes to stay in motion, and certain sequences feel enjoyably effortless as you leap from springboards into the air and coast down steep slopes like a gangly Tommy Moe. Unfortunately, the brakes are sometimes put on in traditional platforming sections, in which the slipperiness that makes some levels such a joy becomes a frustrating liability. The clunky combat feels equally out of place in a game that relies on speed and momentum to deliver its thrills. Nevertheless, The Fancy Pants Adventures is a fun and affordable (800 Microsoft points/$10) romp through several colorful worlds, and adding a buddy or three to the mix opens up some welcome opportunities for cooperation and hysterical harassment in equal measure".

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