Hydrophobia Prophecy - Exclusive Debut Trailer

Hydrophobia is reborn with new levels and enhanced graphics and mechanics.

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antauwnehart2733d ago

humph console exclusive gone multiplat I guess it didn't sell well enough oh well.

andron2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

It was always going multiplat. It was a timed exclusive because they didn't have the funds to make both versions at the same time...

dirthurts2733d ago

He has a link with proof and you still don't believe him? Jeez guys.

DigitalRaptor2733d ago

What I find interesting is that XBLA users were actually the Beta testers of this game.

I think they should offer an upgrade to people who bought the original game. I mean as it stands, this package is a steal for Steam/PSN users.

r212733d ago

interesting game but...whats up with the fire in the water? O_o

andron2732d ago

Oil will burn on the water. Or possibly ruptured gas pipes...