The PS3 Gamer’s Guide to Steam: Part 2

TheGamingReview continue their guide to Steam for anyone new to the system, writing "this time round we’re looking at the community features of Steam and just how easy it is to get together with like-minded gamers for a few games or a bit of a chat. Communities in Steam allow you to do several things and carry several functions, and begins by either adding people to your friends list or joining a group."

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BigDan802732d ago

worth a look, going to join the TGR steam group later when i'm home :)

evrfighter2732d ago

Hell ya I'm gonna link my week old copy of portal 2 to steam right now...

oh wait

PoisonedMonkey2732d ago

It's annoying yeah, but the article is written to get people into Steam as a cross-platform tool, not just how to use it on the PS3.

You can use this downtime to have a good look at the main Steam system and build up a network of like-minded gamers. That way, when the PSN pops up again you've got plenty of people to play online with. :)

Ranshak2732d ago


True, however people should note an advantage of PC gaming is that its an open platform. Meaning no one network controls it. Hence the situation that occured with PSN where all games are now unplayable cannot occur with the PC.

Further more since its an open platform with no one controlling it, it even offers full backward compatibility. Its upto Sony or MS to provide BC for the next box, the users are completely at their mercy. With PC every game bought today is bought cheaper and later will keep working for a very long time. Imo any hardcore gamer should have a good gaming PC.

AKS2732d ago

That's the main irritation about this outage for me. I don't keep my credit card saved into my account thank goodness, but the outage has held my Steam copy of Portal 2 hostage.

Sanii2732d ago

Nice to see some good content as a break from all of this PSN Bs

BigDan802732d ago

Definitely. a positive outlook on gaming seems quite rare at the moment.

cakeisalie2732d ago

Hell yea, we know its down.. why keep repeating the same stuff.... let us know when its back up.

Anyways its not like it effects me, i game on Steam anyways.

Ruggadagod2732d ago

a positive article about PlayStation within the first couple of days lol.

Max_Dissatisfaction2732d ago

Not true, LA NOIRE is better on PS3...that was positive right? Made me smile

LightofDarkness2732d ago

I hope part one covered why you should really be reading the PC version of this article and stop wasting time with a watered down experience XD

I kid. Sort of.

dead_eye2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

The watered down experience really helps valve bring in new gamers to steam.

EDIT I can't wait to try it. It seems to work well on the ps3 but can't tell till it's online.

PoisonedMonkey2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Haha that's very true, but most of what the article (and the first part) explains is done on a PC anyway - the first section gave a breakdown of free Steam games to try out on the PC so it's not ignoring the extra functionality of the main desktop client.

The PS3 version isn't designed as a game delivery service, it's just to connect to other Steam gamers to communicate and play online with. I hope it appears in more games, but it seems unlikely at the moment.

LightofDarkness2732d ago

Yeah, Steam does what GFWL utterly fails to do, which is funny considering how well XBL works. It seems to be quite a boon to the PSN experience as well. Win win, really, and it might tempt some PS3 gamers to join us on the frontier :)

chriski3332732d ago

That's cool to bad we can't really us it for now

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