Call of Duty Black Ops - Call of The Dead Gameplay and New Features Explained

Gameplay trailer of Call of The Dead, which reveals details of the new features.

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Dart892735d ago

What's the sniper at 2.28 never seen that one b4??

X_GAMER_X2735d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe its an old sniper!?!

Danielmccue2735d ago

Thats a G11 (The last assault rifle you unlock) with a ACOG sight attached.

FAGOL2735d ago

Have to wait till June until I can get my hands on this. Looks like one of the best maps yet!

sycnation2735d ago

how do these duplicate videos keep getting approved?


badboy8082735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

When are we gonna get a maachine where we can trade weapons

ChileanBoy2731d ago

wow this new zombie map looks awesome, i wish they would come out with a game that just focused on zombie mode