Seed Studios discusses Under Siege delay due to PSN downtime

Speaking with PlayStation University, Seed Studios lead programmer Bruno Ribeiro provided details regarding the delay.

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Jpinter2730d ago

I was really bummed to hear about the PSN service going down right before this game's launch. Hopefully the PSN service will be back up in time for the US release.

malaka0012730d ago

According to a source, psn might be up and running this weekend

DWOM2730d ago

I hope it's a reliable source... thnx for the heads up man!

ThatCanadianGuy2730d ago

That whole article is based off of a misunderstanding of what SOE said.They will have promotions going on for their game portfolio.Meaning, the many other games they have that arent on PS3-PSN.

Bathyj2730d ago

Is anyone even aware ICO and The Last Guardian has been delayed?

I havent seen anything about it on N4G but I read it somewhere else.