Fraud body calms PSN identity theft fear

The UK financial services industry has moved to calm growing fear among PlayStation gamers that they may be the victim of identity theft following the PlayStation Network security breach.

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NavySeal742731d ago

I do hope that everyone,s details are safe and nothing happens to there bank account.
If they have been taken and used hope that they get there money back.

Im sure everyone will be using psn cards in the future.

Istanbull2731d ago

Whatever Sony is doing, we will support them all the way, I can't believe we can't play online because of anonymous butthurt fangirls of gayohot

Krakn3Dfx2731d ago

Nah, as soon as it's back up, I'll plug in an updated credit card. This is the 3rd time at least in as many years that some online service I use has been compromised and I've had to cancel the card I was using the have it re-issued. This is no different than when it happened with NewEgg or Monoprice or Amazon. I'm not going to treat it any differently, and extremist "sky-is-falling" fanatics need to put this into perspective.

Good post from someone who works in the security industry:


Eyeco2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

a multi billion dollar company pwned by some virgin nerdy basement dwelling hackers wow Sony

if the fact that its been offline doesn't, but when we get to credit card details getting lost now it goes beyond a joke, this is straight up unacceptable.

Ilikegames762731d ago

The problem is that in some region the prepaid card is not yet available. I'm glad that I did use the prepaid card for my purchases in PSN.

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Neo Nugget2731d ago

"There is no need for customers to contact their bank or card company at this stage. However, customers should continue to do what they should normally be doing - checking their statement and keeping a close eye on their account for any unusual activity – if they spot any they should then contact their bank or card company."

Well that makes me feel a little better.

Prototype2731d ago

It's something people should have done even before this happend. I'm actually kinda glad sony declined my private info back in 2010 and I had to use prepaid cards so my personal info was never compromised. After this incident I'd even question paypal just to verify they won't get hit like this.

newn4gguy2731d ago

Just got off the phone with my mom. She's a loan counsellor. Trust me...we're fine.

B1663r2731d ago

I would take that as confirmation that your cc# has been compromised, and call your bank immediately, and have them issue you a new account number and eat the $5 or whatever it is your bank charges for a new cc#.

newn4gguy2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Seriously...why would anyone own a debit/credit card without getting identity theft insurance?

How dumb are people?

If my identity is stolen...I'm good. It's been stolen before and he was caught immediately.

Edit: Who is disagreeing with everything?

Fishy Fingers2731d ago

I always use my credit card when buying online (its the only reason I own it), whatever happens, I'm covered.

NavySeal742731d ago

Edit: Who is disagreeing with everything?

Dont worry about it i get them aswell.

lee_ten2731d ago

don't worry about the disagrees. there are very disturbed people running around and disagreeing with everything that even resembles some form of agreement with sony.

lee_ten2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

i hope that sony recovers from this soon and go after these hackers. they need to be thrown in jail.

SuperSaiyan42731d ago

From Sony stating that my details along with everyone elses might have been taken...This is not good.
Since we can't get on the PSN is there a way of removing all the details? Otherwise will have to call Sony or something this is very worrying :-(

Fishy Fingers2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Currently, I dont think so, the website that allows you to edit details is down

But really, I wouldnt worry to much, dont let the internet bombardment put the fear of god into you. Your probably as likely to win the lottery as you are have your details first obtained, but more importantly, used.

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