FPS: What Makes A Great Multiplayer Game?

RandomProdInc: Multiplayer has been a huge part of video games in recent years. Now, i don’t have any beef against multiplayer, because it expands the length of play for a game significantly. However, it can get very old very fast.

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TomInc2821d ago

I fan of the multi-player in homefront. Felt it innovated a fair bit.

I am however more for the co-op side. Portal 2 did an awesome Job lately. Aslong as it's fun, engaging and let's people at together.. Multiplayer is good.

HeavenlySnipes2821d ago

KZ2 with Battlefields destructibility and you have a perfect FPS

Dan_Vivian2821d ago

KZ2 was alright, but nothing great. I did enjoy playing it though. Is KZ3 much the same? And i agree with adding the destruction from Battlefield into it. That would be fantastic. Still not perfect multiplayer material though.

HeavenlySnipes2821d ago

- The squad lobby
- Dedicated Squad voice channel
- Proxy chat so you can hear enemies that are nearby on mic
- Warzone
- Bullet Spread big enough so it is not as simple as point and spray to kill someone, you have to crouch and burst fire and strafe
- Different Classes (Although KZ3 fixed some problems within the classes)
- Maps that seem alive (especially in KZ3)
- Clan battles
- Tournaments
- Deep stat tracking
- Custom games on servers to prevent lag

Add destructibility and BFBC2 size maps and you have the perfect FPS

newn4gguy2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I have NO IDEA why Insomniac is the only developer to give you points for every single bullet penetration. It's a great mechanic.

BlackKnight2821d ago

Ever play gears of war 2??????

newn4gguy2821d ago

Yes, but not a lot. I forgot that Cliffy B and Ted Price are friends and he implemented that into Gears 2.

Don't be a dick.

BlackKnight2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

How the hell am I being a dick? When you make a blanket statement like "only developer", don't get mad when people call you out. I am sure there are other games that give out points per damage as well, not just these two.

And then you go and try to insinuate that they copied Insomniac. Classy man.

Kingdom Come2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

A multiplayer that doesn't play itself. Where it's possible for memorable kills and where there can be unique moments. Having been playing the Gears of War franchises multiplayer from day one, I have LOADS of happy moments, and, from the Gears of War 3 Beta I have hundreds. One that comes to mind is a triple kill from shooting an enemies mid-air grenade whilst I was last man standing...

In the end, its all down to personal preference. I like games that require skill, games that offer multiple playing styles and occasional teamwork. Which is why Gears of War is for me, whilst not an FPS, it still shows the variety in play style. Others will like the no thought required shooters, or less skill requiring multiplayers or the games where matches last hours (RTS').

CDbiggen2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

A working online service.

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The story is too old to be commented.