Final Fantasy XV Rumoured For Project Cafe

If leaked E3 rumors are true, we might see our first glimpse of Final Fantasy XV in June... for Nintendo's Project Cafe.

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pedrami912821d ago

IMO still too early, FF Versus XIII, FF XIII-2 and FF Type-0 have yet to come out.

My guess is late 2012 for the announcement and late 2013/early 2014 for it's release.

Kamikaze1352821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Too early? NEVER! Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII were announced at the same time and the SEQUEL to XIII is coming out before Versus XIII, lol. They even released Final Fantasy XIV months ahead of schedule. Square-Enix doesn't believe in the phrase "It's too early".

Edit: Knowing them, They'll announce it during E3 and release it in 2015.

limewax2821d ago

Honestly, I think with the losses they have had, the financial strain that is FF14, and so many other titles still in the works, I think we will either see FFXII-2 first, or get a versus release date before any other announcements are made, at least a couple need to be reeled off the list before they add to it though, Their losses speak leaps and bounds

Eamon2821d ago

FF Versus XIII is being handled by the Kingdom Hearts team while FF XIII-2 is supposedly going to be released this year.

It's quite probable that an announcement that Final Fantasy XV is in development with a teaser trailer at E3 this year.

But what would be interesting if it really is to be developed for the new Nintendo console.

firelogic2820d ago

Who cares. It's gonna be on all 3 platforms. Even if the Wii2 is a super powerful machine, there's still no reason to buy one unless you love those tired, milked out NIntendo first party franchises. All 3rd party games will be multiplatform. How many exclusives to you see nowadays? Practically none.

It's all about first and second party. And the next Sony/MS machines will be even beefier. I really see no reason to jump on the Wii2.

Istanbull2816d ago

do you really think FFXV would come out in 1 or 2 years after the announcement? Lol, did you see how long it took them to release FFXIII? 4 years since E3 2006 trailer, We are still waiting on FFvsXIII!

GameTavern2821d ago

If the power is on par with the PS3/360 and Square has one in the pipes anyhow, don't see why they wouldn't port it.

Fishy Fingers2821d ago

True, even a 'modest' new console should be able to run anything possible on the current gen.

Peaceful_Jelly2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

With FFXIII-2, FFvsXIII, FF-Type0 and Dissidia Final Fantasy I don't think Square has any time to be thinking about future sequels to begin with.

I don't even think FFvsXIII is gonna be released in 2012 considering that FFXIII-2 is gonna come out in early 2012 and to release 2 FF games in the same year would be a really stupid move from a business standpoint. FFvsXIII is gonna come out in 2013 at the earliest and seeing that the Kingdom Hearts team are the ones working on it then don't expect a new game from that franchise on consoles until next-gen or something... Square is sooooooo slow. Who the heck wants to play a FFXIII sequel anyway? I really don't want to play Lightning again and even less now that she is wearing that laughable armor and the random feathers.

At least Square is treating FFvsXIII as a main FF game and not a quick buck like FFXIII-2. I mean, what kind of game can they game in a year of development when they normally take like 6 years to make 1 FF game?

Kamikaze1352821d ago

You're forgetting that completely different teams are working on those games. One team can't just focus on one game with absolutely no other projects in the pipeline. The Versus XIII team has another project they'll begin after they get far enough into Versus XIII's development, as with the XIII-2, etc.

VampiricDragon_2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

type zero is coming out this summer. And 13-2 is coming out this winter.

Eamon2821d ago

I think Type-0 is only cofirmed for a Summer release in Japan. And so far, we've hardly seen much of it meaning that it may even get delayed.

But I do hope for a worldwide release this summer.

VampiricDragon_2821d ago

are you joking? Theres been type zero news every week

Eamon2821d ago

Yes but not much info regarding gameplay and story. Just snippets here and there. And so far just one trailer which was from when it was first announced.

wollie2821d ago

don't see any reason why it wont be on as many platforms as possible.

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