New 3DS lineup video shows Zelda, Star Fox, Tales of the Abyss, and more

Nintendo has released a Nintendo video showing what's in store for 3DS owners.

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kyl2772784d ago

Resi looked great and Star Fox was MIND BLOWING!

AWBrawler2784d ago

Hell yez! Gundam and One Piece on the same system, in 3D, portable, and Tales of the Abys, Zelda OOT, Kid Icarus, and Starfox??

These game developers trying to spoil me

user8586212784d ago

Just two more months and I'll have ocarina!! *mouth drools*

PatchowPietro2784d ago

the blue 3ds looks green when you get it home! so blue in that video!

cant wait for ocarina and resi!

user8586212784d ago

I absolutely love the blue version, blacks such a typical colour for a handheld

sickbird2784d ago

I think the blue is hideous, but thats just my opinion. I bought the black.

PatchowPietro2784d ago

Does anyone know if they are working on a new Zelda game as well as orarina? And will they remake majoras mask?

ChickeyCantor2784d ago

OOT remake was done by an external team...
Who knows what Miyamoto is cooking.

AWBrawler2784d ago

want Majora's mask 3D Young Link had more fun side quests!

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