Telltale To Begin Publishing to 360

Telltale have just announced via Twitter that they are soon to begin publishing to 360. While they have yet to announce exactly what they're bringing to the platform, they have made it clear they have "exciting stuff in store".

They were also quick to confirm that this will make no difference to the other platforms they publish to.

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lochdoun2783d ago

I can finally play Tales of Monkey Island on my 360.

matgrowcott2783d ago

I'm thinking Jurassic Park is a definite.

callahan092783d ago

I played Tales of Monkey Island when it first came out on PC, being a huge fan of the franchise from way back when. Loved it so much I bought it again and played it again on PS3. Such a fantastic game, it actually works much better on PS3 than on PC, for me. Maybe you can use a controller with the PC version, but I don't have one so I dunno. But the game actually surprisingly controls better with a controller than a mouse / keyboard. The 3D navigation of Guybrush is just wonky and weird feeling without a controller. And this is coming from somebody who is a PC gamer first and foremost and almost always prefers mouse/keyboard, but the controls for Guybrush in Tales was just weird and never got comfortable for me until I played it with a controller. So enjoy it if it comes out for 360, because the controller is the best input device for this game! Now, the HD remakes of the original 2 Monkey Island games is terrible with a controller, though, in my opinion. They are legitimate point-and-click games and the mouse is the only way to play them for me!

Masterchef20072783d ago

Didnt Monkey island come out on the 360 as well?

Infernostew2783d ago

Hopefully MS doesn't dick them around like they with Wallace and Gromit. Great news for Telltale and 360 adventure gaming fans.

Raven_Nomad2783d ago

Anyone else starting to notice that Microsoft is being a lot more lenient with publishers and developers lately? I have a feeling this E3 is going to be full of surprises from MS.

SRTold2783d ago

um, I have been playing telltale games on my 360 for years... what the hell are you talking about they are about to start publishing??

matgrowcott2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


You know you've missed out on about 6 or 7 different series in the last couple of years?

That's because Telltale haven't been publishing to the 360.

SRTold2783d ago

Well, I have more telltale games on my PC from Steam. Thing is though, the title of this thing and article makes it seem as if they are going to be putting a game on the 360 for the first time ever.

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