Analyst: PlayStation Network Fiasco Will Be Costly, Change Industry Forever

You have to sympathize with Sony. Rebuilding the PlayStation Network ground up with a gun to the head was never in the cards. And like any company suffering a sudden, mammoth, shocking customer data breach, it couldn't have imagined events playing out quite like this.

That's what caused this mess in the first place, of course. Sony really didn't think something like this was possible, so when it happened, it did the only thing it could: take the network completely offline. And then it had to be careful what was said publicly, probably to avoid (for as long as possible) spooking "persons of interest" almost surely under investigation.

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Excalibur2735d ago


"Speaking to the broader impact on the industry, Pachter says it's that "any gaming network must be secure, period."

"That raises the costs of being in the business, and ultimately, probably means that free gaming networks can't exist," he says. "

So Sony may be forced to do away with their free service.

a_bro2735d ago

Hackers are bane of the internet. serously, this is why we cant have nice things.

Prototype2735d ago

Paying for it won't change anything; if it was a paid service and still hacked then we'd see articles like "We pay for security and you still couldn't hold it" and countless lawsuits against Sony. Live was hacked and its a paid service, no difference between the 2. If anything they're gonna hype and heavily promote PSN+ as a first step way before even thinking of charging for online.

montyburns0002735d ago

please remind everyone when XBL was hacked?

and don't quote that article about phishing scams or server overload from too many users.

Im talking about a real hack that took XBL offline.

Dee_912735d ago

lol xbl accounts are still getting hacked till this day
even a quick google search would tell you that
microsoft do resolve the issue rather quick ( not including if your CC info was obtained from your xbl getting hacked because of privacy laws)
because i have friends whos accounts been hacked and had MS points stolen .

JayD-1K2735d ago


i have never heard of the entire network being hacked but, my nephew had his account hacked a few months ago.

and from what i understand, hacking individual accounts aren't un-common.

MysticStrummer2735d ago

Let's keep it real monty. XBL has been hacked for a long time and account info has been stolen, just not to this scale. XBL is vulnerable to this same BS. Believe it or not, I honestly hope it doesn't happen, despite all the 360 trolls on this site.

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Scyrus2735d ago

we get free things and this is what people do, its seriously pathetic

sikbeta2735d ago

I was thinking about that and Sony indeed is being forced to get rid of their free service with this whole security breach madness, even if I don't like the idea, sure in the near future will have to say goodbye to FREE PSN and embrace a yearly fee.

cogniveritas2734d ago

Sony just needs to think of more organizational innovation and they can keep PSN free. How does Google manage free Gmail, and how does Facebook keep ...well free Facebook? Part of the strategy which keeps users from having to pay directly is that they are leaders in advertisment techniques that make their networks valuable to other companies willing to pay for recognition. Both of those companies are constantly making security upgrades as holes become exploited but they have so far managed to remain two of the most trusted web companies online for better or worse. PSN can remain free if Sony wants it too. But the innovation to keep it that way might not be an expense and risk they are not willing to take.

Now that I think of it, PS Home was one of those ideas but I think the slow speed of downloading areas, the infinite beta stage, and the lack of developer consistency among big names have caused that great idea some growing pains. It would be great when the tech and internet speeds allow a PS Home to be more smooth and more like an MMO.

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Omega Zues2735d ago

I stopped reading at "Analyst".

montyburns0002735d ago

so if it started with "Sony Rep" you would have read it and taken it as gospel.

aviator1892735d ago

Lol, you nailed that right on the head.

MysticStrummer2735d ago

Other analysts don't think this will cost Sony much at all in the long run. I wonder which opinion you agree with and why?

Reborn2735d ago

This one has to be a record, under 2mins of another PSN "news" article, this one appears.

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MyNameIsNotRick2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

This is the biggest gaming news in years and it's ongoing. What did you expect. If we have to sift through 400 articles about one game (killzone, GT,gears, halo) wouldn't you think there would be a shitload of articles if the entire playstation network was down?

Reborn2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I wouldn't mind them, if they were stating different things. Really showing an understanding of the situation.

Having 100 of the same topics, stating the same thing, causing more panic, and stress. Adding fuel to an already lit fire isn't news, and isn't interesting.

Ruggadagod2735d ago

who is approving all of these articles? just look at the approvers and the rest will fall into place.

aviator1892735d ago

Well, of course more non-ps3 users will approve these sony-bashing articles. But the same can be said of ps3-users when something bad happens to the xbox 360.

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