Amazon Announces Ten Days of Free Games

Save and Quit - Amazon just announced via twitter that they are going to be giving away ten free games in ten days. And guess what? They’re starting today! Today’s free game is Chicken Invaders 2.

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theonlylolking2734d ago

How does amazon do all of these good deals and still stay profitable?

GLoRyKnoT2734d ago

In the end - the house wins. Thanks again amazon :)

BeastlyRig2734d ago

They steal them from best buy stores & sell em online!

news4me2734d ago

They give you 5mb games that are awful lol

BeastlyRig2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

no Free BF3? :(

I hope they do free gtx 580 day! That would be awsome!

mrv3212734d ago

This publicit cost them $10, it's a 5mb download which is a tiny cost, to make a profit all they have to do is sell another $60 video game.

If you want to check out other free video games

1. The ur-quan masters
-One of the best games ever made, it's basically Mass Effect but way before Mass Effect, a great RPG.
2. World of tanks
-A great, insanely addictive game, with loads of history.
3. League of Legends
-You know this one, download it.

Others you maybe want to try
-Most things from MMOhut

I cannot recomend The ur-quan masters enough.

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Rybakov2734d ago

by free games do they mean poorly made pc games that no one buys or cares about or are they gonna be serious and have something real

by the looks of todays game 'chicken invaders2" its gonna be my first guess

multipayer2734d ago

Ya, at best I think we get a popcap game. I'm going to add them all to my account anyway... Never know when you'll get that hankering for sum space invaders ripoff...
Although, I don't think it can get any better than Invaders Possibly from Space, which has always been free.

wollie2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

yes chicken invaders 2!

cause the first one was so good!


well free's free so chicken invaders here i come!

EDIT: well that was fun for like 5mins.