The ten most anticipated pre-Christmas PSP releases

Is this the PSP's greatest Christmas yet? Quite possibly. Okay, in Europe it's only previously had two but even the most objective observer would have to concede its line-up this festive season contains an impressive collection of gems, regardless of the criteria you may care to apply to their gaming credentials.

Pocket Gamer lists what it thinks are the ten top PSP titles for the rest of the year.

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cooke154022d ago

Kind of lackluster if you ask me.

Biphter4022d ago

You don't own a PSP, you don't have any intention of ever owning a PSP.... but you DO own a DS?

If you are a TRUE gamer at least one of those games would appeal to you, just as much as all the cool games coming out for the DS. Don't be a hater.

games4fun4022d ago

all you needed to do was post that mario avatar and we would have gotten your message.

cooke154022d ago

:| that doesnt mean im a nintendo fan. Im a gamer, i like all consoles. And its a mushroom not mario :P

AllroundGamer4022d ago

lol so true :D

cooke15 - it only takes to look at your comments, and everybody will agree, that you are a N fanboy through and through...

cooke154022d ago

Actually im just one of the few people here who doesnt bash nintendo.

PS360WII4022d ago

I usually hate top upcoming games for I don't ever agree with em. Only 2 on that list for me Silent Hill and Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.

Keowrath4022d ago

I've been looking forward to the Castlevania for as long as I can remember. I can't wait for it's release in the UK. There's sure to be loads of hours there.

Monster Hunter 2 is keeping me more than busy and will do for a long time to come. Also with news of Metal Gear Portable Ops + as well theres plenty here to keep me happy for ages.

witchking4022d ago

Hmm... that is a lame list. The PSP continues to struggle in terms of games. If you look at GameStop's web site, the upcoming titles for the PSP only spans 5 pages, while the DS has 11 (of course, Ponyz, Dolphinz and Imagine titles make up a page or two themselves... sigh).

Without further ado, my comments on why this list won't mean a hill o' beans to the PSP success/failure stories this Christmas.

10. SWAT: Target Liberty. Hmm... a port of a franchise that started on the PC. I'm not expecting great things here.

9. Tomb Raider Anniversary. A port of a remake. If you didn't play it on PS2 this summer, get it on the 360 instead.

8. Dead Head Fred. Already out. Decent reviews... 80.3 at GameRankings, though GameSpot and Game Informer -- two of the more respected review sites -- gave it a 6.5 and a 6, respectively.

7. Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice. I thought this slipped to 2008. Even if it didn't, the first one was not exactly well accepted.

6. Warhammer. This is the only one on my list to consider this holiday season. Hopefully it'll play like Advance Wars or Field Commander.

5. WipeOut Pulse. And this was needed... why?

4. Silent Hill Origins. I suppose for some portion of the audience, this will be a must buy. I've never played a SH game, so it's not exactly screaming "you must play me" to me, but this is a decent idea to bring this franchise to the PSP.

3. Football Manager Handheld. Likely to do well... in Europe. It's probably not even coming out in the US, where soccer ranks somewhere below poker and wrestling as a sport.

2. Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. Already released. Decent reviews, though not as highly rated as the first one. I thought the first one was average. Certainly a good way of working around the lack of a second analog stick, but if you've played FPS on a real console, then this puppy is hurting by comparison.

1. Dracula X. This was numero uno on my list until I saw some early reviews. Rondo apparently shows why it wasn't released outside of Japan... and you have to finish Rondo to unlock SOTN. Blech.

These titles all fit into certain niches. None of them have a universal appeal (like Mario or Pokemon for the DS). Therefore, while some of them might show some success, it's highly unlikely that they'll be remembered as a holiday to remember for the PSP.

Biphter4022d ago

Have you played any Wipeout game before?

Its all a matter of tastes, and Wipeout Pulse it at the top of my list because I love WIpeout. The comments here prove that its a good VARIED line up of games at least because everyone seems to be picking at least one or two and they are all different choices. I'd be more inclined to say its a bad list if everyone chose the same 1 game and none of the others.

It means PSP games will cater for a broad range of gamers this holiday.

Just becaue you don't like all 10 games on that list it doesnt mean its a BAD list. Wake up.

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