When will PSN Be Back up? Not Sure, but Here's How to Protect Yourself

GameDynamo - "While this is all terrible news and we can't wait for PSN to be back online, there's something you should be even more worried about right now. The hackers managed to access everybody's user and personal information, as long as you had a PSN account anywhere in the world. That's a massive infiltration and could have grave consequences for many, from identity theft to further attacks via other services. What's more, the attack happened a week ago, which means the offenders have a head start. That's why we feel you need to be prepared for the worst and take some steps to protect yourself the best you can."

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Codeman4203706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

eh just keep it down till E3 and then relaunch it then with all the features and security updates that gamers would like, and should have on PSN.

BlackTar1873706d ago

E3 lol are you kidding me.

In june keep it down till june?

Codeman4203706d ago

yea why not let them test the thing out first b4 sending it out to the masses make sure they got it right this time. they dont want to make the same mistake twice. i think the internet would explode if that happened.

CYBERSNAKE3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

But then the whole of Sony's E3 conference will be about PSN and not the games.
Not to mention the thousands of fragile gamers that will go on a murder rampage for PSN being down that long.

Codeman4203706d ago

@cyber well after this i think E3 is gonna be able PSN mostly now and how they are going to fix this.

theonlylolking3706d ago

That would give them time to add features and better security but I do not want to wait till E3.

Codeman4203706d ago

i dont think anyone really does, but if it means more features and better security im all for it.

Tr10wn3706d ago

lol just keep it down till e3 hahaha are you a moron or just a fanboy? if they wait till e3 even the new nintendo system will blackout the PS3 and the whole sony conference will be about how to get back the psn and how secure it is "till someone figure out how to hack it again" there is still alot of people already mad because their aren't playing right now and thats with out counting the people who got their credit cards stolen.

Codeman4203706d ago

and you dont think thats going to already happen now......hate to say it but thats probably wats gonna happen at E3.

Goomb3706d ago

Better safe than sorry. Waiting until E3 would be a hassle, but having them do it half-assed would be worse, so I hope they do everything possible to protect the data from now on. It's ridiculous that we may have to go and change our credit cards... >:(

FragGen3706d ago

Great idea! They could give out free PSN beta codes when you buy a game with online capability!

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 3706d ago

Whatever it takes I say.If june,then so be it.

B1663r3706d ago

PCI DSS standards, read it and weep Sony Fanboys

helghast1023706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Let me just address the irrational fear of Trophy Loss.
YOU WONT LOSE SHIT, it's saved to your system, so unless your PS3 dies and Sony hasn't backed up your online data, you're fine.
It'll take a LONG time to sync though.
edit: James Gallagher on the EU PS Blog has clarified this
"When PSN is restored, friends lists, trophies and wallet funds will all be exactly as they were before."

Rettom3706d ago

This date is probably not realistic, but hopefully they give us a date instead. That's a lot better than guessing the date.