No Misuse of Danish Credit Cards -

Following the hacking of PSN, It appears, that no credit card information has been compromised, as of yet, at least in on country, Denmark.

Danish newschannel writes:
"No Danish credit card information was compromised after the massive hacker attack against Sony last week..."

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X-Zone2735d ago

Out of 77 Million users, not a single case of credit card fraud is going to occur because of this incident.

Vega752734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

So the three people that say they had their accounts hack all of a sudden don't exist now right. Hum I guess sonyfanboys have this mentality that if it didn't happen to me then it didn't happen. Sony fucked up which is the very reason why this is big news. There no sugar coating this. You can try your hardest to paint Sony as a saint company all you want but they have big problems. They better pray that no ones account is compromised because reinbursting the charges will be the least of their worries and they still need to answer to government officials as to how was it so easy for these hackers to ottain all of psn ppl accounts and not just a few. over 70 million accounts that big.

People on this site think the media owe Sony special treatment but it doesn't. That's like nintendo saying " I want special treatment for making video games mainstream". It doesn't work like that. They fuck up and they need to be accounted for that very reason. This should send a clear message to them and other companies to take better steps in protecting peoples information.

people can come here and think the media is after sony. but if this was MS,steam,ninty,ect. sonyfanboys and the media would have a field day with this. but because its sony we should cut them some slack. hell no. same as if this was any of the other companies. my information is more important to me than some corporation. what pisses me off about this site and many of you is that you are trying to downplay this like its nothing. i could honestly understand if it was a few accounts tht was hacked. hay that happens sometimes. but for you whole network to be compromised and everyone's information is in danger of identity fraud sends a clear message that you didn't take better measure to secure people info. and if the report of a hacker warning sony of the problem is true. sony will be in deeper shyt than they already are

Inception2735d ago

Than...this news about someone credit card got fraud is a bullshit to make Sony looks bad???

scruffy_bear2734d ago

Yes, people and the media really hate Sony. What did Sony really do that was so bad to get such hate.

Inception2734d ago

I dont know either mate and it's really weird that Sony got this treatment. It's like, Sony is the ultimate reason behind hiroshima bomb or world trade center accident!

Prophet1122734d ago

Because Sony had the Audacity to use the Spiderman font for the PS3 on release, so the media and so-called journalists decided to take up the mantle of J Jonah Jameson and destroy Sony's aka Spiderman's reputation.