Portal 2: One of the best disappointments I've ever played

Portal 2 has more content, more story and more to do than Portal 1, but is it better than the first game? A "What I Think" style editorial on one man's disappointment and reconciliation with Portal 2.

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Keats2732d ago

Good article. I'm in the camp that felt 'done' after the first Portal. It's a lonely camp, because clearly the game is awesome. But it's good to see there are others out there who just couldn't get into the hype with the rest of the internet.

daleculp2732d ago

I was just really looking forward to breaking out of the "testing" metaphor and stretching the limits of what could be done with the portal gun. While they did throw in some neat, new tricks, it still felt like retreading old territory.

cowkimon2732d ago

A well-done article. That said, I think you just thought about the game too much before it actually came out, which is dangerous going into any game/film/book/etc., especially when it's a sequel. The best results for any medium seem to come when the audience (player) doesn't expect anything going into it.

daleculp2732d ago

Thank you very much for the compliment, and thank you for reading my article!

I think you make a great point. I mean, the reason I wrote an editorial instead of a review was because, critically speaking, I find the game to be nearly flawless. Yet, on a personal level, I went to into it expecting too much and really set myself up for disappointment. That's what I wanted to talk about with this article. I wanted to convey my feelings as a gamer as opposed to those of a critic.

cowkimon2731d ago

That's something we as gamers should probably all think more about. The more we immerse ourselves in hype, the harder it is for us to just sit back and enjoy good games.

Once again, great article, sir. Keep doing what you do.