Q&A: Bungie's Barnes On Halo 3 After The Flood

So sure, Halo 3 may have debuted with a splash, and Bungie become an independent entity, but many of the details of the production process behind the game are still unexplored.

Therefore, Gamasutra sat down with Bungie's head of production Jonty Barnes (later joined by sound director Jay Weinland) at the recent Tokyo Game Show to quiz him on some of the detailed specifics of how Halo 3 got made, as well as wider questions on topics such as game ratings and engine licensing.

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andy0014023d ago

Interesting that the developer says they maxed out the performance and maxed out the DVD space.

It is difficult to run split screen with HD graphics I guess, the guy who developed Motorstorm said that was the reason they didn't include it, but I would have thought they could have done better with the single player though, when you look at Bioshock, Mass Effect etc.


i love halo, i think it is a great game, but i can think of a lot of ways it could have been better.

I am sorry, i just don't think it was nearly half as Big as they kept making it sound.

With games like mass effect etc still to come i don't see how halo could max it out performance wise. if that is really true, then i really don't see how the 360 is going to keep up with the ps3 if halo is the Max it can push.

it depends though, when they say the maxed the space on dvd, well it depends what they put on it. They could have done a heavenly sword and filled it with 6 gig of sound leaving 1 gig for the game, who knows.

still love the game though, apart from that sniper, don't know what they have done with it.

Sylo4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

They made it a lil harder for just anyone to pick it up and get a kill. The auto aim with the sniper is almost nonexistent compared to Halo 2. Takes more patience, and skill.