Folklore Review 9/10: A must buy PS3 game

Folklore, a new Japanese RPG from Game Republic, is arguably the first RPG worth noticing on PS3. The question is, could this be a game that pushes people in the decision to buy a PS3? The answer to that is yes. This game is a must-buy for PS3 owners that have any interest in RPGs.

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THE_JUDGE4174d ago

I really need to get this game now. I should actually finish up NGS and I have beaten HS so those two trade in should handle the cost for sure.

Keowrath4174d ago

I really need to get this game delivered! Damn you royal mail and your postal strikes. Shoulda just bought it from the shops! HARUMPH!

JsonHenry4174d ago

The first RPG worth while? What happened to Oblivion?

CrazzyMan4174d ago

only one question, why this game sold in USA around 30k?

i mean, i read so many positive opinions about Folklore demo, that means, that all these people are from Europe?

well, in usa, around 2 mln. ps3 sold, only 30k Folklore first week,
while x360 sold in usa around 7-7,5 mln. and Blue Dragon - 59,791; Eternal Sonata - 43,199;
Project Gotham 4 - 90,113 first week.

is that because not much hardcore gamers left in usa? or what?

Skerj4174d ago

There's like NO advertising for the game whatsoever in the states so it's relying on word of mouth and the internet to get out there. Why they chose not to put NA commercials out is weird considering how good the game is and how much marketing does for other games.

Double-Edged4174d ago

i say, buy yourself a copy.


I think this game was make to fit with Japanese gamers' taste (it does went to top 10 in Japan software chart) so I guess Sony is not expecting much from NA market since they presume that it will not fit with American taste in general.

bym051d4174d ago

1. FPS is king in USA
2. Far fewer PS3:360 in USA

But this game is awesome. I'm loving it.

AllroundGamer4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

hmmm this game is getting pretty good reviews lately, i will borrow it from a friend.

Edit: Double-Edged i don't need to send money to Sony or any other corporation, just to feel better :D that is the fanboy style...

Double-Edged4174d ago

you should buy it. so you can increase the attach rate for the PS3.
I mean look at me... I havent even opened my Halo3 yet because of school.
But I bought it because I love the franchise and Microsoft deserves it.

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The story is too old to be commented.