The (Un)lucky Country - Gaming in Australia

Mana Pool: Australia has it good in pretty much every facet of life. But when it comes to gaming, we’re third rate and downtrodden. While the rest of the Western world take their leisure time for granted, we Down Under have to jump through hoops just to have fun. Whether it’s access to a game, the price of a game, or even playing a game, there’s a lot that stirs our convict hearts.

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zeksta2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I'm sorry, but why is this article in the first person in some parts when the website clearly is an United Kingdom site?

On-Topic I do agree, Australia needs a damn good overhaul in the rating system, not having an R18+ rating is ruining some of the great games, gore or not.

potedude2728d ago

I agree, its a UK site spouting (correct) crap about Australian gaming laws.

The attorneys general are meeting about it soon to come to an agreement, hopefully positive action takes place and we can have proper games instead of dumbed down rubbish.

zeksta2728d ago

Well let's hope we get a overhaul of the rating system, we all want equal games.

7SBuzzLightyear7S2728d ago

With word that the current Attorney-General for South Australia wants to scrap the MA15+ rating (in hope that it will be much more difficult for children/teenagers to get their hands on inappropriate video games), playing the waiting game for an R18+ rating has gone beyond me.

I have imported Mortal Kombat, on the back of warnings from both the Classification Board and customs that big fines will be handed out. The video game industry, as well as those who are telling Australian adults that they aren't allowed to play certain video games, they should be thankful that video game piracy has not gone through the roof, 'Down Under'.

Censor the game, I will import. Refuse classification, I will import. Over-charge for games, I will import.

For as long as the Australian government thinks it is okay to treat adults like children, well, I guess we should just act like one.

gaden_malak2728d ago

We don't have it that good, not with the raise in:

Interest Rates
Carbon Tax
Flood Levy

And no rise in:


However, the land of living in the past, South Australia might finally be catching up:

Sinkway2728d ago

Sometimes its not that bad if you import them from NZ or get a region free copy, but with MK being ILLEGAL(!) its really going too far now.

GrumpyVeteran2728d ago

Australia isn't *THAT* amazing. It's a decent place but it's got plenty of rough areas just like over seas in America or where ever else.

It's pretty much the same, except our "minimum wage" or whatever is twice the amount Americans get. That's about it.

Australia may be luckier than some 3rd world countries but still it's not the best place in the world.

I live in Australia and was born in Australia so chill out if you think I'm some random hater from New Zealand or something.