Console Gaming as an Experience

A quick look at the comparison of gaming experiences between PC and consoles.

Magicsprite writes: "About four years ago, I was primarily a console gamer aligned with my Xbox360. From an early age I had been into consoles, starting with the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, and playing on a console appeared to be what defined a gaming experience. This was before I discovered the benefits PC gaming, which eventually caused me to complete the merge and sell my Xbox360. Firstly, a mouse and keyboard is more my style, not having to handle discs is a plus, and Steam has amazing deals if you’re gaming on the cheap. Even with all these benefits in mind, I can’t help but think I’m missing out on something from my younger years."

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The Matrix2731d ago

Don't trust console gaming! PSN and XBL are hackable. AH!!! :)

imvix2730d ago

Well console gamers do it to themselves. They are relying on a single point of access, if it goes bad or for some reason MS or Sony feel like implementing something new then theres nothing console gamers can do but accept it. If Sony and MS intend to drop support for current gen systems online after few years, console gamers cant do anything about it.

If they dont want to provide BC on their next system console gamers wil be forced to keep multiple machines just to be able to play their old games.

The list of limitation is huge, all the while paying more on every game or even paying to go online and paying for ultra expensive accessories.

cakeisalie2730d ago

You arent centrally controlled at one point with the PC, where your entire online gaming library can be compromised if something goes wrong.

Also no company has control over you, its an open platform.

Jack-Pyro2730d ago

Thank you for giving me a constructive answer instead of flaming me, have a bubble. =)

earbus2730d ago

I enjoy both pc when i want to tinker sometimes can be a headache but worth it in the end mods rock,but also i like the relaxing ease of console gaming couch vs desk gaming depends on the mood really.

cakeisalie2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Mods are awesome man, too bad the current console gold rush is causing developers to drop support for mods, just so they can charge for DLCs.

I personally played the following games with mods:

Stalker COP
dragon age
different tombraider games

Its been a great experience most of the time.

Edit: you can hook up a PC to a TV for console like experience, there are even rumors of valve making some additions to Steam, so it provides an even more console like experience when on an HDTV.

earbus2730d ago

yeah thats why im saving for a beast rig im into weird simulators looking to get predator drone sim for flight sim x ship sim is funny i enjoy them , lots classic mods out there the witcher mods are classic neverwinter 2 isnt bad either.