Why you shouldn't blame Sony for the PSN mess (and why you really, really should)

GamesRadar: Forget the name-calling and fanboy-baiting. There are much bigger issues at play here. This isn't just about the security of Sony's servers. It isn't about the competence of its tech guys. It isn't even just about the hack, although the personal security issues at play here are unbelievably serious. No, aside from all of that, the current PSN crisis ties into long-standing failures endemic to the house of PlayStation, which the company has remained complacent about for far too long. Will it now recognise and fix them now that they've finally blown up in its face? Let's have a look.

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ComboBreaker2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I would blame Xbox gamers.

With a blog, you can blame whoever you want.

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kvg882784d ago

I was reading on Yahoo news that this is the biggest case of identity theft in the history of the crime. Someone's gonna burn for this lol

BX812784d ago

I hope so. An example has to be made right now!

kneon2784d ago

Nope, not even close. TJX was 90+ million. Heartland was 130+ million. Even if every PSN account had a credit card number associated with it then it still wouldn't make #1. Still sucks though.

BX812784d ago

I blame Sony for not having better security and if it's your company you have to except responsibility for the bad not just the good. It sucks but that's what it takes to be a great company. Take it personally and go after these fucks. Above Sony I blame the hackers, If you're smart enough to hack into something you're smart enough to know you're wrong! On the Down side your security is only the best until someone hacks it then the next security system set up is the best etc etc.

cyclonus0072784d ago

The Pentagon got hacked once. I would not expect Sony to have better security than the U.S. Department of Defense and even if it was on par, someone still hacked in there.

I say we all direct 100% of our anger to the people who deserve it: the losers who did this.

BX812784d ago

Well congrats to the Pentagon. We're talking about Sony and just like I said your security is the best until it gets hacked then the next version is the best till it gets hacked... That means no matter how secure you think it is eventually it's going to get hacked. As a company it is your job to accept responsibility for your consumers and make it right. Then I went on to say above Sony I blame the hackers.

rob60212784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

By getting mad at Sony, you're only Giving the criminals that got into that info EXACTLY what they want, you might as well bend over and prepare to take it again cause you'll be used again if that's the case.
Sadly most people are doing precisely what the hackers set out to do; and the fanboys are showing them the direction.

Go ahead and bow your head to your new masters, the hackers. They will strike again if this proves effective, and you will be victimized again - count on it.

akaFullMetal2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Seriously, people should realize not everything is secure, anything you do online will be like this. Locally my hannaford shop n save has been hacked, and credit card info stolen, so don't shop there anymore. Paypal has been hacked before, so you shouldn't buy stuff online from ebay and amazon. Fbi has been hacked, don't trust our government and security.
Well i guess we are $^&* out of luck now since psn is hacked, which we don't know how much info was taken. Sony doesn't even know, that is why they are looking into this thing. People are complaining that they didn't notify people sooner, Sony probably didn't know till they released the info. Why do people think they knew and just with held the info??? Thats stupid.
People can get hacked out of their info from email, from chatrooms and even stuff from xbox live, through your windowslive account.
This sucks for sony and for Us psn users, but this can happen to anything, lets go after the people that stole your info. Thats what sony is working on right now.

MetalProxy2784d ago

Iam suppose to blame sony? wtf? sorry not gonna do that!

So if I put a lock on my door and some thief still breaks in and takes my stuff, its my fault? WOW I guess I should have left it unlocked?......

kvg882784d ago

the lock company? lol

iamgoatman2784d ago

Depends on how easily the lock was bypassed, did the thief use any specialist tools or was the door merely opened by force?

MetalProxy2784d ago

He went threw a window that was locked. Sneaky bastard!!

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