GGTL: In Defense of Prince of Persia

Gamer's Guide to, Wednesday 27th April 2011: Everybody loves the Sands of Time trilogy, but doesn't Ubisoft's 2008 incarnation of the Prince of Persia deserve some love? GGTL writer Joey Núñez argue that yes, it does.

GGTL: "Hesitant as I was to accept this new Prince, who was kind of a jackass and sounded an awful lot like Nathan Drake, of Uncharted fame, I ended up loving the game. And even though a lot of hardcore Prince of Persia fans will dismiss this game based on its 'extremely low difficulty' and 'lack of challenge', I’m here to tell you differently. Prince of Persia rocks, and here’s why."

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Pin-Pin-Ire2734d ago

Of all the POP, I hated that one the most. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Antholex2734d ago

When it comes to Prince of Persia, it can be quite a conundrum having to decide which is one's favourite.

Ahasverus2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

It's sad how Ubisoft forgot this wonderful franchise (Forgotten sands was a quick half-assed movie cash in, we know it) epic mystical adventures is something gaming have been missing for a few time

ian722734d ago

IMO, the forgotten sands was more like the POP we know and love, and way better than the 2008 POP.

1998gamer2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I liked the 2008 PoP, didn't like the ending though but overall it was a pretty fun ride, more so then enslaved IMO which i beat a month ago and already forgotten it until now.