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"One of the biggest security breaches of the internet age."

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Joni-Ice2785d ago

The sad thing is most of the people who possibly stole money from other accounts are not hackers. They were normal PSN users who got their hand on the hackers firmware and was using it. Dumb assholes cant buy a game legally like everyone else. Now they sit in these forums bitching how Sony need to turn back on the servers.

InfectedDK2784d ago

Ye somebody claiming to be an anon says they didn't steal any PSN information:

hay2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

They also said they weren't cause of this outage saying at the same time they caused this outage. You can't really believe terrorists.

Anon is ruled by anarchy.

Thepro3182784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Anonymous hacked government an mastercard's sites they took responsibility . So why they won't take responsibility now just saying . I seen their track record they hack bigger an more important stuff across the net. If they hack PSN wouldn't they have video about victory over sony?

InfectedDK2784d ago

Dunno. However if they believe it only would hurt them to you believe they would after seeing gamers getting pissed etc.. I'm just saying.. Dunno, we do not know.

Thepro3182784d ago

Wat worst having governments an banks after you? or pissed gamers @InfectedDK

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redwolf2785d ago

I hope sony can learn from this, these muppets needs to be taught a lesson

ForzaGT2784d ago

this is being blown out of proportion, we are yet to see the extent of damge if there is any, however what this shows is how vulnerable our consoles are to exposing details, and perphaps companies will work together to combat this from happening in the future

xAlmostPro2784d ago

Well so far only 3 people are claiming that their cards have been used lol..

On top of that i wouldn't put it past them if they were pulling a fast one anyway, i mean i could have gave my card detials to a buddy to splash out on and then claim that it was the hackers.

People as always have blown this out of proportion, yes its a huge breach but people are acting like everyones details were taken and everyone is doomed when sony only said that details MAY have been breached.

Just because the intrusion allowed for such access doesn't mean it was used in such a manner, my disc drive on my pc lets me pirate cd's/dvd's however i don't do it..

Common sense really is a rare thing these days, i feel like superman knowing that for the most part i have some :p

lee_ten2784d ago

oh no, don't say that. jump on the bandwagon and bash sony! /s

but you're absolutely right.

Ju2784d ago

Most on their first page is pure speculation ("Sony stores passwords in clear text" - really? How did they come to that conclusion???). I wonder why DF has to take such unfounded steps.

ZBlacktt2784d ago

Oh look, it's another story of the same old thing! Let's hype things up more and still say " while it's unclear " be afraid folks, very afraid!!!

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