Sony Doesn’t Know What Password You Were/Are Using on PSN

After the recent revelations regarding the confirmation of millions of PSN accounts being at risk of being compromised, Sony has said they do not know which password PlayStation 3 owners were/are using on PSN. Now would be a really good time to change your password via the web.

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DA_SHREDDER2734d ago

even worse, Sony knows your security question. I know that for a fact cause i had money took from me, and that was one of the things that corporate at Sony's headquarters asked me to verify it was me on the phone. BTW, Sony did end up paying me back so we are still cool :)

gaffyh2734d ago

How are people managing to log in to their PSN accounts on the PSBlog? You have to log in to comment, which is a bit strange.

solideagle12734d ago

i dont think PSBlog is connected with the same database or maybe database server is online its just other things are not like services etc etc...


gaffyh2734d ago

But every time I try to log in on the blog, it comes up with a maintenance message

hay2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Passwords are encrypted and it just doesn't make sense to waste time and resources to crack 20+mil accounts which would take forever.
If they'll do it, they'll do it for key people only. But still cracking password for someone's PSN account doesn't wouldn't really benefit someone who got in the PSN in the first place.
You could dig out more important and interesting things from the system than users' accounts.

It seems to be more like a display of power and attack on Sony's PR and credibility.

gaffyh2734d ago

According to the chat logs, the hackers were saying that the password and all other details were stored in plain text.

R0me2734d ago

I dont get it, there are many people on german ps blog writing comments etc. when i try to answer it says: Site Maintenance Notice
The server is currently down for maintenance.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

These people could change their password, because they are logged in, wtf?

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solideagle12734d ago

its called Digest...a password is converted into some random letters and store it in DB so that company man does not even know the passwords for security reasons..we do it in our company as well...but alternative is security question.

ikkeweer2734d ago

lol, I don't even remember getting a security question, let alone the answer to that. I always make up bull for that, cause I prefer remembering my password. Bet it was the name of the dog I never had, hmmmm

Thrungus2734d ago

They also don't know your secruity number on your card, thankfully.

Ju2734d ago

Good thing is, they leaked 77M users.

Even with that leaking credit card informations and no expiration date or security number, for a hacker that is almost like a 77M data sample RNG. Might as well work. So, still a chance of 77M:1 which is not all bad - not as good as a fair chance to generate a complete random credit card number, though. What I am trying to say, even with those numbers leaked, we are pretty safe.

hay2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

It's easy to parse 77m entries for availability of credit card number. If they stole along with it users' shop history they could parse that too. Taking common elements from those two groups with desired buy ratio would result in potential targets that have some significant amount of money on their cards.
The chance is much bigger than 77m:1.

Ju2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

That still gives you a subset of numbers in a range of 77M - not linked to any security code or password. Take a pick (77M is possibly to high, because not every account has a credit card number).

Without security code or password, you still have random numbers. You could possibly try to find buying patterns and based on that try to find more information about the card holder. But it will not give you any higher probability to find the security code or password than with any other random generated card number.

CynicalVision2734d ago

How can I change my password if I can't even log into my account online?

FAGOL2734d ago

Yh you can't even log into playstion website.

jerethdagryphon2734d ago

they meant on other sites alot of people use the same password or user name on several sites hack one you hack many

kingboy2734d ago

was asking myself same question

joydestroy2734d ago

"If you remember your PlayStation Network password, now would be a good time to change it via the Internet, as Patrick also states."

lol yep, with you guys. how are we supposed to do that while it's down? fail

nightmarex1212734d ago

I think they mean like on the playsation site or some site using the web browser.

DeleteThisxx2734d ago

@nightmare, Have you been reading? It's down...

nightmarex1212734d ago

Well a lot of people probably jump on to their severs right now, b/c from the past blog post people could log in and comment obviously so you could have change it during that time.

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T3MPL3TON 2734d ago

Lol.... This is by far the biggest debaclie, I've ever seen. "Hay, change your password." Um... I can't remember? "Well now would be a good time." ... What?

ikkeweer2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Lol, people disagree, but you won't believe how many people can't remember passwords they entered 2-3 years ago and had them on auto-store ever since.
Anyways, I lolled.

T3MPL3TON 2734d ago

I think it's pretty hilarious how I got two disagrees already yet everything I said was actual fact. You can not change your password whether you remember it or not, they don't allow you to sign into PSN. This is the biggest hurr durr moment of this whole thing.

You can't recommend to us that we should change our info all the while not letting use change our info. That's literally like saying, I want you to help yourself, but you aren't allowed to help yourself.

paintsville2734d ago Show
sway__z2734d ago

Change my

This is insane, maybe i'm jumping the gun a lil' ...but if I lose my account due to password/i.d. issues, i'm done with PSN. I will still keep my PS3, but i'm done with PSN. I invested way too much time and money in that account since 2006. 5 years of time/cash?? Awww hell no!

Zydake2733d ago

I'm with you man if that happens to me i guess ill have no excuse but to study :O

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