Top 5 Problems with Xbox LIVE

With all the issues affecting Playstation Network, Austin Cox of GPT shows that no online service is perfect with a run down of XBL's biggest problems.

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GunShotEddy2735d ago

I can think of a lot more than 5. How about when XBL was down during the biggest holiday of the year? How quickly we forget.

vgchica2735d ago

Fanboys have short memories.

guigsy2735d ago

XBL suffered from intermittent disruptions due to service demand - PSN is completely down due to being hacked, potentially exposing millions of people's personal and financial info. Only fanboys would try to label them as identical scenarios.

jony_dols2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Well considering I have spent over $200 on Xbox Live alone (thats not including the actual console and then the games in which I've also payed for) since I first bought my 360, I would think that any dip in the service from Microsoft is totally unacceptable.

At least Sony aren't charging me for the 'privilage' of playing my friends online, on the console in which payed for.

X_GAMER_X2735d ago

And do you know why it was down?

You can not compare that to whats happening with PSN.

Hacked and stolen personal data is not the same as an increase in live members.

vgn242735d ago

XBL reported that info might have been lost during that time it was down. So how is it different?

ComboBreaker2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I like that Microsoft nickel and dime 360 gamers every chance Microsoft got. It's a very good business tactic, especially when 360 gamers willingly want to be nickel and dime.

Now, I may not agree with 360 gamers' defense of Microsoft's nickel and dime tactic, but I will support it, as long as it's 360 gamers that are getting nickel and dime.

jonlynch2735d ago

Right! They bend over and then thank MS for taking their money. I'll enjoy my free PSN when it returns BETTER than ever.

Perjoss2735d ago

yes, how dare they try and make profit from a quality online service, its disgusting i tell you!

rockleex2735d ago

Qaulity online service that can be found on PC and PS3 for free.

Max_Dissatisfaction2735d ago

Not currently it can't, well at least not on PS3

TheBrit2735d ago

Everyone that keeps saying 'I will enjoy my PSN when it returns better than ever' is nuts.

It will not look or feel ANY different - it will just have more security loopholes fixed on the back end.

It's not coming back any faster, with tons more features etc - most you wil see is new market place content which is nothing new.

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Noble Spartan2735d ago ShowReplies(1)
Mike134nl2735d ago

Xbox live does provide a good service, maintaining xbox live does cost money. Question should be if this warrants the price.
Looking at the article:
1: Working as customer support sucks esspecially if people yell at you, be nice and you will most likely not experience any problems.
2:it's a good thing Microsoft tries to prevent users from changing their (unique) xbox live gamer tag.
3:xbox live is both peer to peer and server based depending on the game. Though mostly p2p based nowadays the netcode for p2p works better than a few years ago.
4:Microsoft points are a good thing, at least for me it makes spending money on xbox live a bit harder. And enables Microsoft too give away free points in case of a give away or network problems.
5:never had much problem with kids yelling online system admins seem to ban most of the yelling kids

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Vega752735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I'm starting to love these damage control articles. Like any of those reasons are as bad or anywhere near as bad as having your credit card and personal info stolen.

Keep these damage control articles coming

@below: yeah I see. As this article makes it seems like I'm better off having my info stolen and used by a stranger. Than to mute or kick a racist kid from my game. Good to know guys I feel so much better now. S/

The Matrix2735d ago

Sony's solution for the PSN situation: "Hey, Xbox Live isn't perfect.

Problem solved!!

49erguy2735d ago

Its pathetic. I'm a Sony fanboy myself but damn. If all our info is stolen its OK cause its Sony. FUCK THAT.

GameOn2735d ago

They are funny, Especially considering I dont find any of the points to be particularly bad. The customer support one is bs for me, Great customer support the 3 time I phoned them.

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ZeroX98762735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Um anything bad you say about Xbox live can't beat leak of personnal information. NOTHING! Sony is at fault for letting this happen. I hope they get back on their feet and gives to their consumers the best service they can when PSN is back up.

I'm playing on my 360 and my PC for online game since psn is down, but the problem is that most online multiplatform titles, I own them for the PS3 platform (COD, NHL, madden,BFBC2,etc.) since I prefer the dualshock over the classic xbox controller(mouse and keyboard would be awesome, but well...)

cross game chat was mention for the new servers, THAT would be a great addition and a nice add-on for all the trouble this event caused. not that it's absolutely needed, since when your playing a game your probably already using your mic for this game, but still a nice addition.

kasasensei2735d ago

This article is full of fail..

ZeroX98762735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Customer Support,LAG and Host Advantages and Angry Little Racist and Homophobic Children are on PSN also.

the pay for service side is not bad if paying means keeping your personal information safe!

But for the points system, well yeah that's a big pile of crap, but only 2 of those 5 things are exclusive to 360.

Psn got his share of problem too, like not giving a basic mic with the console, server being down every time a COD map pack is coming out and trophy system being so slow to sync.

Each service got their issues, but I still use them both since they got their force, each of them. Psn being free and Xbox live being online most of the time and not being down when needed the most.

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