IGN: Gears of War 3 Death Montage

IGN: Shotguns to the face, retro lancers in the back and the sweet sound of others yelling, "Revive Me.

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The Matrix2730d ago

I'm loving all the new executions.

-MoOkS-2730d ago

They look fricken sick.

Im calling GOTY right now

The Matrix2730d ago

Meh...I was thinking Skyrim has the best chance imho.

antauwnehart2730d ago

whores of bore this series grew stale after part 1!

Redgehammer2730d ago

Wow, playing the contarion again? 40 comments and already down to 2 bubbles, that is impressive if you are going for some kind of antisocial person of the year award. Good luck with that.

2730d ago