IGN: Marvel vs. Capcom...vs. Mortal Kombat

IGN: Here comes a new challenger: This phrase has carried much weight in the fighting game community for so long. For 20 years, it has signaled that someone is trying to knock you off of the mountaintop, that someone is vying for your crown, and that someone is gunning for your title.

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Daver2734d ago

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is nothing compared to this Mortal Kombat...

MvsC 3 should have been a PSN/Live title.. its not worth any more.

fallingdove2734d ago

If you are referring to the overall package then I agree Mortal Kombat takes the crown. However, character models, animation, and fluidity of gameplay are not Mortal Kombat's strong points and are much better in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

When I play MK, its a little hearbreaking because if it weren't for the shitty particle effects, stiff animation and reliance on dial a combo gameplay, it could have been a classic. There are some great ideas in this one.

jjohan352734d ago

The characters are much more balanced in MK (maybe the only exception is Kratos at the moment) than MvC3. I also feel that MvC3 is too random with the X factor involved. Every SF4 tournament had a pretty consistent top 16 roster. With MvC3, the list fluctuates way too much due to the randomness in the game. So far, MK feels a lot less random than MvC3.


in my opinion MVSC3 is really more on UMK3s level. its the same general idea for any set of characters: manipulate space with the assist character then use the popups to combo into a hyper/ultra. im sorry dude but people think that just because mvsc is made by capcom that it deserves just as much credit as street fighter. yeah its a fun game but how is it any more technical than mk? it just isnt.

fallingdove2734d ago

You are right, MVSC3 isn't an overly technical fighter but I would argue that it is more technical than MK simply due to the consistency of the engine. I have never had a problem setting an opponent up for a meaty combo in MVSC3, however, I have whiffed jump kicks and jump punches so often in MK due to spotty collision that it leaves some solid strategy on shakey ground.

Daver2734d ago

meaty combos in MVSC3 are nothing but pressing anything and it make it up for you.

fallingdove2732d ago

@ Daver

Nah. I suppose if you are playing Simple Mode as a novice but real combinations require at least some timing and knowledge of your character. And while MVSC3's links are easier than say Street Fighter IV, I can count on the system to hit when it should rather than crossing my fingers that my attack won't whiff due to programing issues.