Dead genre to be reborn on DS - Can Runaway revitalize the classic adventure game?

The French developers of the PC point-and-click adventure Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle announced that they are bringing their creation to the Nintendo DS.

Substituting a mouse pointer with the stylus pen makes perfect sense... in fact, the idea is so obvious that semi-adventure Hotel Dusk and the Phoenix Wright series have already played around with it. Apparently, however, fitting an entire PC adventure game - with its detailed backgrounds, many cut scenes and complex character animations - is much harder.

Games Radar will be very interested to see how well the team pulls this port off. Their success could potentially unlock an entire library of old and beloved titles to a modern audience, merits of the mediocre PC version notwithstanding.

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JsonHenry4020d ago

I played this game on the PC and it is AMAZING.

bym051d4020d ago

Wow, that looks great.

Maybe we can get some DS Monkey Island remakes too.