GC 2006: Pro Evo and FIFA Not so Exclusive?

Seems like there's a little confusion floating around the world about at least one of the announcements Microsoft made at the German Games Convention last week.

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zypher5368d ago

just thought i'd post the news from another source. yep, seems like Microsoft tried to pull a fast one on everyone. Konami should pull the game from their system for this: Microsoft flatout lied. there's no excuse for that, no explainations what so ever. and the Microsoft fanboys slam Sony for not delivering on their promise. there's a huge difference between not delivering on a promise, and flatout lying. whats funny is, if you go to ign's page and do a search for Pro Evolution, they've already listed it under PS3 as soon to be announced.

bernie5368d ago

.....they had to update it and admit Microsoft was right. The Konami memo had not reached every department and the poor "Seabass" admitted it wasn't going to be on PS3 until late Summer 2007.

zypher5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

this is the link from's page.

as you can see there's no update or admittance that Microsoft was right. furthermore, this new info comes from, from the creator and producer of Pro Evo himself. and again, they don't say anything about Microsoft being right. even if it is until the spring/summer, it's STILL not 12 months, but roughly 6 (since the game comes out in Oct on the 360). face it, Microsoft just LIED.

zypher5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )


Sevir045368d ago

and then u all sony and twist their word. MS has lied. dont try to make it look insignificant. it's a damn lie, end of story!

Jay da 2KBalla5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

no sony fanboys bernie is correct.

“We’re very pleased to be bringing the next-generation edition of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 exclusively to Xbox 360 until late summer 2007,” said Hans-Joachim Amann, Head of European Product Management at Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “The power of Xbox 360 takes our critically-acclaimed franchise to new heights of realism, playability, and fun. We know true soccer fans will enjoy the new experiences that Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on Xbox 360 will offer.”

and as for fifa:

“FIFA 07 on Xbox 360 will be a must-have for soccer and gaming fans,” said Hugues Ricour, FIFA 07 producer, Electronic Arts. “The advanced capabilities of Xbox 360 and a completely new game engine mean that FIFA 07 reaches new heights of responsiveness, playability, graphical and gameplay realism, and fun. Innovative online capabilities make the most of Xbox Live and bring even more realism to soccer fans. The only place gamers can enjoy the next-generation edition of “FIFA 07” is on Xbox 360 – we love developing for this thing!”

zypher5368d ago

so then, you would take the word of a Konami spokesperson over Shingo Takatsuka, the very creator and producer of Winning Eleven? even after he says that he's already at work on the PS3 version, which could come out as early as spring 07?

Jay da 2KBalla5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

yes I would take his word for he isnt a spokesperson you sony fanboy, he is Head of European Product Management at Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH and if u werent such a diluted fanboy you would have seen that. Shingo makes the game, yes, but I'm pretty sure Hughes has more of a say on the platforms that a game comes out than Shingo does considering he's the HEAD of product management. Hughes is an exec but shingo is just a dev and common sense would tell you that execs have more power over what platform a game is made for and I actually wouldnt be surprised if hughes was shingo's boss.

zypher5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

then why does Hideo Kojima have ultimate say in the MGS franchise? he's no manager or CEO. he's just a developer/producer/creator, but he says what goes with MGS. same with Takatsuka and Winning Eleven.

oh, and you need to chill with that fanboy sh*t. just because i don't dilute myself into LOVING Microsoft and HATING Sony doesn't make me a fanboy. just because i point out Microsoft's errors (such as Microsoft bold-faced lying) doesn't make me a Sony fanboy. fyi i actually HAVE a 360. coming to this site i often question that however, seeing how much fanboys (such as yourself, the real deal, j allard 360, the mart, pro logic, was a sony fan etc) love to slob all over Microsoft's knob. so far the ONLY reason i've kept it this long is for the few games that are due out in the near future.

Jay da 2KBalla5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

Actually I believe Hideo Kojima is the founder of Konami and although I could be wrong, even if he isnt the founder he is most definitely an exec on some level so you can shut da fuk up wit dat. Plus he created the IP. WE is a sports game. There is no one superstar developer working on a sports game. Thats why. Do you think the developers at EA have a say on what sports games end up where? No. The execs do. Do you think Guerilla Games have a say on what console killzone is on? No. Sony execs do.

I dont speak for others but I myself am not a fanboy. I dont love microsoft and hate sony. I like the 360 and hate sony fanboys. Big difference. So zypher if you think I slob on anyones knob den you got me fuked up. Just because you like to give head dont assume others do simply because they disagree with you.

FYI- I mainly called you a diluted fanboy because you previously tried to run that diluted fanboy bs on me.

None of this matters anyway. Fifa is a 12 month exclusive and WE is at the very least a 6 month exclusive. What really matters is that come this holiday people will be wanting to play next gen football and the only place to do it will be on 360 and even though you and the sony fanboys on this site like to claim that WE is better than Fifa, I can assure you that Fifa sells more.

zypher5368d ago

when you finish babbling Winning Eleven is STILL not a 12 exclusive to the 360. the fact that there's dissension within Konami regarding this very topic should be proof enough. i'm not gonna get into some "you called me fanboy first" argument with you, becuase quite honestly that's retarded. you may call me a Sony fanboy, and thats fine. however, the fact still remains that i actually own a Microsoft game system, so at the very least i'm also a XBox fan.

if you wanna get into sells: sure, FIFA may sell more than Pro Evo. but guess what: PS2 sells more than 360, and has every since the 360's launch. so your argument is moot. "The only place to play next-gen soccer is on the 360?" yeah, whatever. i highly doubt that most people will go out and buy a 360 for FIFA or Pro Evo, especially when they can have the same experience sans next-gen graphics on a PS2, and especially since in 6 months the same game (probably with even better graphics than the 360) will be available on the PS3. how many people went out and bout a 360 for Madden, considering the PS2's version was/is better?

Jay da 2KBalla5368d ago

A dumbass learn to read. i never said WE was a 12 month exclusive. As for everything else in your first paragraph I wont comment for there is no need. As for everything else let em break it down for you.

- Fifa sells more than We. Get over it.

- ps2 sells will not be a factor this holiday.

-The only place to play next-gen soccer is on the 360. When people see the Fifa07 and pro evo on the 360 and not on any next gen platform there is a pretty good chance they will be swayed to the 360 mainly in europe due to the fact that football is BIG over there and the fact that both games are exclusive to the 360 (we- 6months+ & Fifa- 12months) this is a MAJOR blow to the PS3. Many consumers will be looking to buy a next gen console this holiday and the fact that both football games are on 360 and not on ps3 or wii is a big deal. The american equivalent of this would be if madden 07 was exclusive to the 360. This would be a MAJOR blow to sony.

- Fifa will have an entirely new next gen game engine for the 360 so no the experience will not be the same for the ps2. I dont know about WE like I said fifa outsells it.

zypher5368d ago

first of all, if you wanna insult someone learn how to coordinate proper english. it's "Hey dumbass" not "A dumbass" you dumb idiot. you bring up sales, i refute your statement, and now you start talking backwards talk. if PS2 sales didn't matter this holiday season neither Konami or EA would've bothered putting their respective soccer games on it...ya know, like how they aren't releasing their games on the Gamecube, because they know they won't make any money on it, because it doesn't sell. if Sony or PS2/3 didn't matter, Konami's own Takatsuka wouldn't have deign to step forth and verbally recant Konami's earlier statement. neither Winning Eleven or FIFA are exclusive to the 360, because they're coming to the PS2, PSP, PC and DS as well. PS2 fans (who comprise roughly 60% of all gamers worldwide) aren't gonna go out and buy a 360 just for these games, when they can get the PS2 versions along with a backwards-compatibly supported PS3. Microsoft made this statement...ahem, lie...and their fanboys ate it up. it never occured to them that this supposed exclusivity was in actuallity a form of forced necessity: even hadn't Microsoft made the announcement, the chances of Pro Evo and FIFA showing up on the PS3 this year were slim.

Jay da 2KBalla5368d ago

First of all if I wanna call you a dumbass i can do it however I want. If you gotta problem with it o well. And in case you didnt know "a dumbass" is slang for "hey dumbass". Let me clarify, ps2 sales isnt going to be a factor this holiday in regards to the topic and next gen consoles in general.

"if Sony or PS2/3 didn't matter, Konami's own Takatsuka wouldn't have deign to step forth and verbally recant Konami's earlier statement. neither Winning Eleven or FIFA are exclusive to the 360, because they're coming to the PS2, PSP, PC and DS as well"

they are next gen exclusives and I dont believe I ever said either game were exclusive to the 360 neither did I say sony or the ps3 didnt matter dumbass. You dont know what ps2 fans are going to do but I would like to remind you that the majority of people who own a ps2 are casual gamers not die hard sony fanboys like urself and I dont think casual gamers are that devoted to brand name specifically iff the most popular sport on the planet is exclusive to the 360 in next gen form and buying a current gen game that has current gen graphics for a 500 dollar or 600 dollar next gen console is ludicrous. Have some common sense. It makes no difference to me if there is an exclusivity deal or if either game were going to be on ps3 or not, the fact of the matter is that fifa 07 will not be on the ps3 at all or wii for that matter and the WE wont be on ps3 till late summer 2007 and that is all that matters. Also you are aware that microsoft never actually said it was an exclusivity deal right? That was the media. Microsoft simply announced that they were 12 month exclusives (there is a difference) however this is a lie in regards to WE for it again is exclusive till summer07.

zypher5368d ago

you are EXCEPTIONALLY silly. you argue a partial case of advocacy for Microsoft, while at the same time feigning objectivity and nonconcern. your views are disinformation portrayed by nonsensical conjecture, overlaid with the occassional sarcastic quip just to hide your own self-denied ignorance. after this comment you can count me out. i'm done with this debate, even should this article be approved and others add to it. if you would deign to respond to this any further then so be it. you'll have the last word.

Jay da 2KBalla5368d ago

you are sad. Yo over use big words simply because you have been proved wrong and gone off topic. I guess you are doing this try to and feel better about yourself but whatevea. I am not pretending anything I'm juss lettin u kno whats up. And yes thankyou for I love to have the last word.

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360Borrowedtime5368d ago

People will just buy the PS2 version and when the PS3 is availaible to buy in the shops people will buy the console without a second thought, hey every one i speak to says when is the PS3 out, only 5 people i know own the Xbox and 2 own an Xbox 360, what does that say PS3 ownes all, welcome CHANG3!

Jay da 2KBalla5368d ago

O really? Thats cool. Everyone I know says they wont be buying a ps3 because the price is ridiclous and the games on 360 are better and when they saw Gears of War, they were sold. When I first told em the price of the ps3, they were like o hell naw. They dont understand why they should get a ps3 when 360 games either look just as good or better.

Cyberoach5366d ago

POS3 Fan Boys love the Sony Root Kit, Even though it will slow their machines, but they don't care because they are pawns of sony.

360Borrowedtime5366d ago

i posted this post like 2 days ago, and not on this topic how on earth did it end up here, that goes for the post below!

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