Gusto voices Wii development concerns

Supply shortages & poor quality games could pose serious problems for developers. Simon Phillips, managing director of Gusto Games, has voiced a number of concerns about development for Nintendo's Wii. While Phillips is enthused by the success of the format and the support Nintendo is giving to developers, he has raised a number of issues such as product shortages, an influx of 'me too' products and the sheer amount of product on the shelves as possible long-term problems for the system.

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PopEmUp4022d ago

If this shortage keep continue throughout this Winter I don't know the Wii will sell, this will look more likely to be the 360 and PS3 Holiday

ItsDubC4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

He does manage to point out that Nintendo is giving a lot of support to 3rd-parties, which is something really only started with the Gamecube generation.

lawler4022d ago

So there are shortages, it won't last forever. Wii is already the #1 system, developers just need to stfu and make some good games for it.

Rooftrellen4022d ago

The number of "me too" games only hurts the developer that says..."me too."

Make a good game that isn't something that's already been done and you'll have a hit, regardless of the number of low quality games on the console. Everyone seems to forget that the PS2 had little more than terrible games its first year.

Looking at Gusto's website, the Wii is a chance for them to do something special and become known, but when you see 6 games a developer wants to show you they have done, and 4 of them are "Championship Manager," and 5 are soccer games, forgive me if I'm not ready to listen to them about "me too" games hurting a console.