Final Fantasy Type-0 to have many Free Missions

Upon speaking to a Moogle (the military operation organization guidance logistic expert), you will have access to many free missions with different mission conditions...

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Ddouble4539d ago

All this needs is a trophy patch when the NGP comes out.

hard joe4539d ago

make it like final fantasy vii: crisis core
and it's good to go
i hope

Goeres4539d ago

2 UMDs lol.. SE has been on fire on the handhelds this generation. Nevermind FF13, but check out the handhelds SE games.

banjadude4539d ago

This will be the first game that uses 2 UMDs correct? Hopefully that means more "on-disc" content and less DLC :)


Square Enix has lost nearly $2bn in market value since Final Fantasy 16’s release

Employees and analysts express concerns about its development structure and quality control

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Battlestar2316d ago ShowReplies(5)
gold_drake16d ago

yeh i mean, we know its not because ff16. cause sony paid for the exclusivity.

its because of everything else

their nft bs

first soldier bombing

chocobo racing hombing

crystal cronicles not doing as well as they hoped

forespoken sorta bombing

kingdom hearts 4 is still in development and the mobile game too

its all of their side hustles just not doing well, outside of ff7 remake ha.

maniacmayhem16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

The actual title would suggest otherwise and they even said themselves that FF16 didn't perform as well as they hoped.

So their deals with Sony isn't paying off in the long run which is probably why recently both Phil on Square were on stage together

Einhander197216d ago

They is factually not what they said, that is what the media circus said.

They were on stage to announce FFXIV coming to xbox which was something they had been working on for years.

And it's funny how all the blame is placed on Sony when most of there recent releases have been on Switch which also had exclusive games that no one seems to talk about.

gold_drake16d ago

you dont lose 2Billion market value because of one game, that sold 3.5 mil. even more than that now.

its a whole barrage of things. as this article also says.

maniacmayhem16d ago

*its a whole barrage of things. as this article also says.*

With FF16 being a part of it as the article also makes mention. So excusing FF16 because of Sony paying for exclusivity would be wrong.


I think they did say it and the media just reported on it.


I guess we can also start blaming the Switch, anything and everything else I suppose.

Christopher16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

FFXVI is already net profit. Please inform yourself before you discuss it, and don't take misleading titles as fact.

***With FF16 being a part of it as the article also makes mention. So excusing FF16 because of Sony paying for exclusivity would be wrong. ***

You're essentially trying to say it's FFXVI fault for not earning more money to cover for the huge losses elsewhere. What a ridiculous claim.

MrNinosan16d ago

You have reading issues, that's fine, but what is said is that FFXVI couldn't cover the loss of the other games.
FFXVI itself has covered for it's costs and more

Eonjay16d ago


This happens when you try to pigeonhole a narrative into a general statement. Logic tells us that FF16 probably already paid for itself. But he is trying to push this narrative so hard but it is logically inconsistent.

CrashMania16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Yeah, I'm sure the whopping sales potential of an xbox version, which JRPGs typically perform poorly on, and with gamepass cannibilisation really would have made up for the company as a whole dropping 2 billion. It should get a decent bump from the PC version though at least.

Also FF16 was not the driving factor behind this and you know it.

Einhander197216d ago (Edited 16d ago )


No, that's wrong.

What he was talking about is projections.

So Square presumably said we expect this game to sell between 1m and 5m and they sold 3m.

What he said was "we didn't meet the high end projection" but they factually said multiple times that they game met sales expectations and was profitable.

The game sold 3m in it's first week, what other game has ever sold 3m in one week and come under this level of criticism... it's just a media smear campaign.

shinoff218316d ago

It'll sell on pc sure but it ain't selling much on xbox that's been proven in the past numerous times. It's even worse now, hell ms don't even release real sales numbers anymore , there's a reason why

Vx_16d ago Show
Valkyrye16d ago

bruh you're wrong, it's okay, not your first time nor your last

InUrFoxHole16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

No bro. I said a while back that they weren't pleased with the sales. I was told there was no proof.
@Gold drake
You can't act like FF not selling how they hoped didn't contribute though.

Extermin8or3_16d ago

Literally not what they said, infact they said the exact opposite. They said ff16 had sold well and met expectations given the install base of ps5. It had a higher attach rate than ff7 remake part 1.

wiz719116d ago

@gold_drake it sold 3.5 million on a console the supposedly sold over 40 million ? And that’s worldwide that’s literally only 7.5% of the ppl who own PS5 bought FF16 .. Ppl just hate to admit that Sony deal isn’t paying off as much ..

maniacmayhem15d ago

You guys are desperate trying your best to paint a different picture despite many articles here and what I left actually say.

FF 16 did not meet sales expectations, and couldn't offset their losses, facts, this along with Square's many other failed games has not only caused them to sell their western devs but now rethink their platform releases.

But yeah FF 16 being on one platform didn't add to Square's already financial problem, everyone here knows more than the actual muliple stories being reported about Square and Square saying it themselves.

FinalFantasyFanatic15d ago

Can we not pretend that Square-Enix has made multiple bad decisions over the years with just as many flops as they've had wins alongside their ridiculous sales expectations? Porting everything to everything will not help them out of this mess they created for themselves (Phil can't do squat for them), they just need more games to succeed and have less flops.

MrBaskerville15d ago

Might even have more switch exclusives than ps exclusives at this point. They also have Octopath Traveller which is on xbox and not ps, which people also seem to forget.

I'd imagine MS would have bought them by now if they weren't stuck in the Activision deal. Especially now that the price is dropping and now that they have all these sony deals. Same idea as with Bethesda.

Rude-ro15d ago

Ff16 was not going to do billions in sales and will not do billions once on other platforms.

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lelo2play16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

They should have asked more money from Sony.

Hope they learned their lesson... NEXT TIME ASK FOR WAY MORE MONEY.

shinoff218316d ago

I'd be curious to what Sony spent but it was probably a kings ransom. Pc will help ff16 but ff16 isn't the issue.

Personally I'm blaming the switch exclusives, no physical for releases etc

Einhander197216d ago

Can you conceptualize the difference between 2 Billion dollars and the budget of a video game?

Hint: Sony games generally cost around 200m.

fr0sty16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

FF16's budget was insanely high... 711 million. That's over 10 million copies, assuming every penny goes back to Square (it doesn't, they get like 70% of that), just to break even. Sony probably funded half of that, so in reality Square probably isn't far from break even, but that is still an astronomically high development cost that is far too difficult to recoup at $70/copy. At this point, even if they do break even, they're relying on bargain bin sales to keep any actual profit flowing in.

I think they went way over-budget and need to re-evaluate their development practices in order to keep budgets under tighter control.

shinoff218316d ago

That's kinda crazy cause square has said ff16 is already profitable. I'm not sure who to believe frosty or square(the horses mouth)

isarai16d ago

That's not what they spent developing FFXIV, that was their total game spending budget for the latest fiscal year including ALL games and their respective marketing.

nommers16d ago

That was a yearly expenditure. I know what you’re looking at too. You thought a comment from gamefaqs was a legit source.