360 Tomb Raider dated and new trailer

The Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary will hit North American retail on October 23 - CVG expects the UK date to be the 26th - and as a download via Xbox Live in November.

On Xbox Live, Anniversary will be released in two instalments, each containing two chapters and the mansion level. To access the content, a copy of Tomb Raider: Legend is required.

The new trailer is embedded below.

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BIadestarX4020d ago

100% purchase! One of my favorite franchises on the PS1 until they screw it up after Part 3... Can't wait.

patriotZero4020d ago

890560560895608. Tomb Raider game enough and stop it!

iNcRiMiNaTi4020d ago

did they add anything to this game besides achievements and maybe a slight graphical upgrade from the ps2 version?...if not i might as well get the ps2 version since its cheaper, there are other games id rather spend $60 on...

Dannagar4020d ago

I actually bought a PSP and PS2 version but I decided to wait for the 360 version. I did enjoy what they did with Tomb Raider Legends on Xbox 360.

@patriotZero, no one is making you buy the game.

patriotZero4020d ago

You are an addictive TOOOOMB raider lara croft

PS360WII4020d ago

I'm going for the Wii version myself seems to be the full package plus. Sorry for the off topic post.

Kind of odd that you need the copy of Tomb Raider Ledgens for the 360 in order to play the Tomb Raider Anniversary content from XBL

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