Valve's Virtuosity

Next Generation travels to Seattle to find out how Valve Software has repeatedly played with gaming's rules, and discuss the company's crowning achievement: The Orange Box.

Each game comprising The Orange Box will undoubtedly have a much longer life as a result of their amalgamation – and that mindshare will benefit future Valve projects. And, as for what shape these future projects might take, there seems to be no shortage of ideas: "Everybody here has a list of five games that they want to build," says Newell. "Some people want to build MMOs; I want to build a turn-based strategy game. God knows why. The Wii is a big hole in our strategy right now. It's clearly challenging game designers to think very, very differently – proving that input is incredibly important in a way that the industry had kind of forgotten."

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Kleptic4112d ago

wow...Gabe Newell didn't complain...that might be a first...

I like Valve's stuff...but I can't stand their founder, even since the original Half Life he was whining about Carmack's technology its MS not making things easier for him, or the PS3 embracing parallel processing more than any other machine around...

somewhat nice to hear him just answer a question without a single note of how much his life sucks...