CVG Feature - Killzone: The Online Frontline

CVG writes: "You've probably just about recovered from how shockingly fantastic Killzone 2 looks now. You know all about the unparalleled facial animations that give even Half-Life 2's mo-capped emoting a run for its money, and we've told you good and proper about the scintillating gunplay."

"But what of the multiplayer? With Killzone 2 spearheading the next wave of PS3 titles, it'd be safe to assume that it'll be taking that assault online too. Resistance has proved a hit with PS3 owners so far, and Warhawk will surely storm PS3's servers. Yet so far Killzone 2's developer, Guerrilla, has kept schtum about what online options we can expect to see. A couple of very vague hints have been dropped, and PSW has seized upon them like a pack of hungry papps on a bleary-eyed Pete Doherty."

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CaliGamer4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I hear the pitter patter of ugly little feet. Man the gates KZ2 fans, bottom feeders and trolls on their way. Where are some air strike binoculars when you need them?.......

redmamoth4072d ago

Brace yourselves people!!!

karlostomy4072d ago (Edited 4071d ago )


I hope KZ2 kicks ass and then gets ported quickly to the 360!!!
...................... JUST KIDDING !!!!

In the meantime, don't be so defensive, man, (it makes you seem insecure...)

There is plenty of bottom feeders, trolls and 'ugly little feet' in both camps.

edit @caligamer

Dude you also seem nice enough.. your posts are normnally well structured and logical albeit slanted always to the PS3. It's like you would make a nice, sensible, sugarcoated PS3 lawyer/policeman.
lol... ;P
Anyway,the reason i said all of that above is because you posted ANTICIPATORY comments about 360 trolls, even before they had a chance to make their own...

CaliGamer4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

But I doubt this makes me seem insecure because this is PS3 news and I am a PS3 owner posting on news for MY system and my system alone.
Insecure is when you see 360 trolls in PS3 news saying things like....
"Don't be fooled guys, KZ2 is going to suck just like KZ1. You guys are suckers, etc. etc. etc.

I'm in my section and could care less about the trials and tribulation in the 360 section.

You sound like a nice enough guy so I will keep this friendly, but I believe you need to reevaluate what desperation looks like in you book. My responses are generally well thought out with many facts to back up my point of view. You will never hear "Sony hyped some things so now I'm angry BS out my mouth." What you will hear is "The reason I support Sony is that they have a proven track record of supporting their products and delivering quality hardware." Legitimate, well founded statements like that are hard to find on here I know, but feel free to track my comments and you will not be disappointed.

Shame4072d ago

The game seems to be more and more promising with every new bit of news and info. Talk is one thing, execution is another. Everything sounds really ambitious. I'm hoping GG pulls this off and creates a wicked multiplayer and singleplayer mode.

AngryHippo4072d ago

.....that this game should turn out fantastic. With Sony and Guerilla games coming together to really create one hell of a game. 2008 is going to be a great year for ps3 owners.

Zhuk4072d ago

if its as horrible as the original killzone's multiplayer we shouldnt be expecting much at all except the same sort of garbage we have come to see from Guerilla Games and their track record of making rubbish that ends up being in the bargain bin.

mighty_douche4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

more typical fanboy crap... we hear KZ2 info and suddenly its all about KZ1.

KZ is shaping upto be an amazing game and if all you can do is bash KZ1 then i feel sorry for you.

i admit the first one wasnt all it was cracked up to be BUT THIS ISNT KILLZONE 1 IS IT!?!?!?

maybe word things differently, eg "sounds great but hopefully it doesnt have the same faults as the previous game. GG have yet to prove themselves."

achira4072d ago

Zhuk you are a idiot! kz1 was better than halo2, so where is your problem?

CRIMS0N_W0LF4072d ago


CaliGamer4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

This is a bit of verbal pwnage I couldn't let go to waste, though I wrote it as a comment to a previous article, I feel it is appropriate for this topic.
I would say I look forward to your response, but I don't have hope for you or any of your crew of half a$$ed MS apologist to respond with anything of substance. So without further delay here it is...

Such hostile replies from the 360 "FANATICS" over a poorly written article by a little known source (The article about the PS3 winning in 2008). I highlight the word fanatics because I really hope these people who troll and are just generally forces of detraction are not the best and brightest in the 360 camp.
As I have said many times before, I challenge ANY of the 360 trolls to do an honest comparison of where the 360 was at the time just before it hit the one year mark in its life cycle like the PS3 is about to do. I guarantee that the 360 was not offering the same amount or level of quality IP's that the PS3 is offering right now. Sadly, I have not been taken up on this challenge, and with good reason, there is no argument to this question that will make the 360 look superior so its easier to ignore the question all together like some of you like to do.

Back to my fanatic comment, the true 360 fans are paying attention to their own news, happy with their purchases, and dealing with the shortcomings of their system in a mature manner, maybe some of you XBOX trolls should learn some restraint lest you get pwned like when the in game footage of KZ2 was revealed at E3.

And to all the PS3 fans, I know sometimes the nonsense that is spewed gets to you, but know that the nonsense is a product of concern and impatience. Most of these XBOX trolls are closet PS3 lovers who jumped on the 360 band wagon due to a lack of patience. Most people don't have money for two consoles, so the next best thing is to hope the system they don't have fails (this goes for both sides tho). I have been well served by Sony since their first console, and being a rational adult, I know that PR can be a bit spirited. If I have any sense, I would take performance over PR any day, and past experience showed me that Sony stands by its systems and MS has brought dirty tactics from its monopoly in operating systems to the video game industry and I don't like that. I also have basic reading comprehension and most of the time there is Hype, its the media that creates it. Case in point was the pegging of the first KZ as a Halo Killer, I challenge someone to find a Sony rep describing the game as that. Can't do it because it does not exist.

Another point that the trolls keep bringing up is that KZ1 was garbage, so Sony fans shouldn't expect anything different from KZ2, and I find this one of the funniest arguments of them all. They are basically saying a product or a company cannot learn from their past mistakes. Now for the slow people follow my train of logic for a moment because I am on a roll.
If Sony fans are fools for thinking that KZ2 might be a decent game because the first one fell a bit short, then 360 fans are fools for thinking that MS will support the 360 for any extended period of time based on their past treatment of the first XBOX.
If KZ1 has doomed GG from any future success (This is a false statement, see. KZ Liberation, but for the sake of argument lets act as if this is not the case), then MS's treatment of the first XBOX indicates its doomed to repeat the same injustice to its customers with the 360 (Failure rate and the denial of said failure rate until the problem became too big to ignore).
I know tomorrow this comment will be overshadowed behind a wall of PS3 and 360 fanboy nonsense, but I would really like an honest discussion of the issues and points I have brought up. Either the argument used to justify KZ2 bashing is flawed, or MS gets a pass from a fan base who makes decisions based on faith and a deep seated commitment to a corporation who treats its customers like crap.

I embrace any and all replies.

fopums4072d ago

but do you really care if a troll replies though?

you probably will not change there minds, but I hope they stay narrow minded and immature, becuase that way they will not get to enjoy KZ2 and I will not have to hear their more than likely shrill and grating voices over my headset :D

no matter what they post in these threads whether they want to belive it or not, is not going to ship consoles in one way or the other or bost game sales. only the websites themselves or the news bits have a chance at doing that.

its fanboy/girl central! just let them make idiots out of themselves and click ignore.

but your post was spot on, people should just stick with what the are actualy interested in and stop parading their "opinions" around as "facts". bubble for trying :D

redmamoth4072d ago

... they probably won't be able to understand your last post in the first place. Its written in plain english using full sentences; they only understand short sentences like 'WaitStation SUX ass' and 'Xbox Rlz'. You will have to wait for them to get an education before you get a sensible reply, which could be a very long time!

khellendros14072d ago

Great post Cali, and I totally agree. Bubbles.

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