My Take: The Real Reason People Should Get Excited About Nintendo's New Console

1UP - Yes, I know what you're thinking...Nintendo and online? Forget all of Sony's PSN troubles, Nintendo has been nearly MIA when it comes to online gaming. But from what I've been told by strong sources, Project Cafe is the machine that will change all of that. And I don't necessarily mean online in the traditional sense of multiplayer matchmaking in a game like Call of Duty or whatever -- I mean in the way that it can be used to bring gamers together. Nintendo has stated in the past that it would do more with online when the experience could be handled seamlessly and in a manner unique to Nintendo.

Well, that time has apparently come...

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OC_MurphysLaw3500d ago, you gotta feel bad for Nintendo. Here they are announcing a new system to be showcased at E3 and on a whole all people are discussing is the PSN outtage.

Cheers to 1up for remembering there is other news besides PSN outtage coverage.

Temporary_Name3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Actually, you gotta feel bad for N4G because the whole world is discussing Project Cafe and Wii 2 much more than PSN's maintenance time.

Internet outcast.

metsgaming3500d ago

one of the 3 companies is going to soon release info about new hardware and most of the articles here are about psn down and hackers. The new hardware and upcoming games should be the stuff that is the "hottest" and not the dozens of psn articles.

smoothdude3500d ago

They should really add a tab for PSN outage news, that way we can easily read the gaming news. So PSN is down, it is not like it is the end of the world.

I am looking forward to seeing what Nintendo is planning with its new console.

N4g_null3500d ago

That just prove this is really a psfansite. Every one else is talking about wii 2. It also shows how bored ps gamer actually are. Army some games coming out or some thing?

Anyway great article and some things are true but nintendo isn't letting the big picture out yet. Finally a wesite that uses their brain rather hirer a bunch of fanboys.

The rumors are good but the truth is way better youll see.

NYC_Gamer3500d ago

why?trust me the press will be packed at the nintendo E3 event...

Updat8blogger3500d ago

Nintendo will try and reclaim the hardcore market but it may be too late.

On the other hand, introducing breathtaking graphics and a robust online system may give hardcore gamers the push they need to purchase.

Valk3500d ago

Sorry but hardcore gamers don't need breathtaking graphics. we prefer great gameplay. Now casuals are all about sub HD graphics and thinking they are some how superior. People who want superior graphics dont even touch consoles. we have PCs for that.

waterboy3500d ago

i havent seen any pc games that makes me want pc graphics over ps3 exclusive game graphics

Valk3499d ago

Then you would be one of the casuals I was talkinga bout.

SLLCKGT3500d ago

Yay. Another 5 years of Mario, Zelda, Metroid and other crap Nintendo has been making for 20 years. God help them if they think of something new. Super Nintendo was my last Nintendo console back in 95. Haven't looked back since and haven't missed much either

wwm0nkey3500d ago

god forbid they made games based on classic characters and are still fun, What ever will we do!?

Dylken3500d ago

I'm sorry man but you've missed a ton. I'm a multi-platform gamer (I own a Wii, a 360, an FC twin for my collection of old SNES games, a Dell XPS gaming laptop, and a self built Desktop gaming rig) and i have to say, i laugh at everyone who tells me there is nothing good on the Wii / post the SNES era. First and foremost Mario 64 was brilliant and lead into some other great games on the 64 - Mario Kart 64 , Killer instinct gold, Goldeneye just to name a few. Gamecube, sadly, i won't lie, didn't have a lot to offer me, i only played double dash and SSBM with any consistency. But the Wii changed that. SSBB / Mario Galaxy / Mario Kart Wii / Donkey Kong Returns / Kirby Epic Yarn are all worthy as being noted as "amazing" games. Sure they may be "rehashed" from older games, but thats the beauty in it. They let you relive something you once loved, but it's now it's new and better. Denying yourself a truly amazing game because "it's like something else they put out before" really limits you to what your playing. I feel bad for you man, the Wii has some truly great games, that i not only love, but have very fond memories of playing with my friends.

SLLCKGT3500d ago

I'm happy for you and those games sound really fun but only problem is I'm not 10 years old anymore. Back in 89 when I was 7 years old sure Mario was fun. But as a 27 year old Kirby and Donkey Kong dont exactly scream hardcore.

OC_MurphysLaw3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

@Dylken, First I will just be on record I dont own a Wii.

That all said, I know I have missed out on a number of fantastic games by not having a Wii.

Anyone thinking Nintendo has nothing but shovelware for games is sadly mis-informned. Yes, certainly has its fair share of crappy shovelware type games. But there are some true gems in that mix too.

edit: @SLLCKGT what about Kirby or Donkey Kong isn't "hardcore"... do you think Mario Super Galaxy 1 & 2 are not hardcore? Is it the fact that they have main characters that dont brandish guns or swords that keeps them from being hardcore in your eyes? I get that may not be your style of game, but please dont try and label some of gamings greatest platformer franchises as "not hardcore".

ChickeyCantor3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

"But as a 27 year old Kirby and Donkey Kong dont exactly scream hardcore."

I could swear you have an attitude of a hormone raging teenager though.

I mean Hardcore got nothing to do with age.
Now if your preference goes to more mature THEMED games, thats fine. But saying you aren't 10 anymore just makes you juvenile. ( IRONY AHOYYYYYY)

Games like Super Mario are still played ( wether it be new or old games) by grown up people. They aren't 10 either and still enjoy these types of games.
Your whole argument holds no merit.

Valk3499d ago

89? More like 99 or 09 from the sounds of it. Always amusing when some 13 year old tries to act like an adult but their entire attitude give away the fact that they are children...

At 36 I still love Nintendo games and as most of us know its only the 12-17 year old crowd that act like GTA and the type are for adults. They are for kids of course.

kesvalk3499d ago

you forgot the the wii have the best 3rd party support since SNES

games like MHtri last story, xenoblade, zack and wiki, guilty gear and tatsunoko vs capcom...

not to say a lot of minor games, like muramasa and arc rise fantasia...

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eagle213500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

You missed so much man! Have you updated those best of all-time lists since the SNES era???? LOL

And to the first post, sorry that Nintendo stole all the thunder at this This year for me is all 3DS and next year it's all about buying The New Nintendo stole the thunder from anything else.

N4g_null3500d ago

Let me guess you play cod or killzone or maybe gt5? If you want to be an adult buy a pc. Playing games just for the violence makes you a little sick. That's not exactly an adult thing. Trying playing those games infront of your family and see what they say. I'm sure boring or realistic will be the words they use with no thanks I don't want to play. You will use some cliche to explain why they will not play but when the new wii comes out a lot of that will change.

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Lamarthedancer3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I wonder if I can play my Wii games with the new controler

I really can't believe they're moving on from motion controls back to a standard controler......ok standard controler with a touch screen but still least I cansit back and relax while playing games now.

But if the Wii 2 can really let you see what your friends are doing in their game by watching them...dosen't that kind of invade privicy. I hope theirs a button to turn it off.

kesvalk3499d ago

it's probably have motion controls too, like sixaxis.

mshope103500d ago

yeah nintendo uses there good franchises alot but other devs dont?so theres not going to be a god of war 4,5,6,7,8, and more portable side stories[great games though].and on just ps3 you have uncharted 1,2,3, residence 1,2,3 and two little big planets.and yeah the are new franchises but they did well so they are already milking them and they will have portable side stories.this is what happens when you have good games that make money.and what about socom and twisted does the same thing nintendo does. nintendo has more franchises and has been around longer thats why they do that.and i don't think there is anything wrong with sony and nintendo giving us new games in the franchises we love. and all the stories on this site about the psn internet outage shows that this is mainly a sony fan site thats just the truth!!

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