Home won't sell PS3 - NCsoft

Eurogamer reports: "NCsoft's director of product development believes Home's fortunes are dependent on PlayStation 3's installed base, and not the other way around. Thomas Bidaux told our sister site that Home is "very interesting", but he believes it will "remain quite limited" unless it offers something significant beyond customisation of avatars."

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BLlNK4071d ago

without it even being out yet. Seems wierd to me

Devr4071d ago

It won't sell systems, but it will make the Ps3 a much better product. Home is basically Xbox Live with a 3D interface. For free.

Bebop4071d ago

It will offer things such as user created content environments - like having a unique personal Facebook/Myspace in a 3D world where you can actually view/share as well as interact with the owner of that space. XMB & Xbox Live can be considered as similar but Home is altogether a new product & concept.

QuackPot4071d ago

Not XBL but clearly Sony's version of Second Life with tie-ins with ps3 games.

Unlikely a system seller but certainly something that will make you feel a little bit better to be a Ps3 owner seeing that it's........FREE.

Just like Free Realm will do as well.

Zhuk4071d ago

Home was never going to sell systems anyone who thinks that it would is crazy, what the PS3 needs is decent games not some half baked virtual world

Bebop4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

It took XBOX Live almost SEVEN years to get where it has -not all that far considering the time scale. So give Home time to 'bake' & don't be hasty to judge it too soon. It will not become the single reason to own PS3 but one more additional reason to swing consumers to it.

Death4071d ago

Just because it isn't out yet doesn't mean they haven't had just as much time to do it. Microsoft had the vision that an integrated online structure for console gaming was important, Sonu is creating Home to try and one up Xbox Live. Instead of waiting ywo generations to do this, they could have taken the initiative long ago.

Just my opinion, but Home is a waste of HDD space. Sony needs to have a fast and easy to access online system that is integrated into all games seemlessly before they need to have a fancy 3d version. I have zero interest in Home, but I am an adult with my own house too. I can see where this might be entertaining for younger people though, just not as an interface to everything you want access to quickly.


Bebop4071d ago

Like all good things it will take time for people to catch onto the buzz of Home on the PS3 - A bit like Facebook.

If Sony can make Home become popular & interesting enough with its unique user content offering i am sure that one day people will start buying the PS3 not just because of it being a console but because of its many other offerings -Internet browser, Multimedia Hub, PVR, Blu-Ray/DVD player & Home. It could become a good enough reason to swing people to it rather than another console.

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