The David Jaffe Interview: Ties remain between Sony and Eat Sleep Play

Straight, no chaser, with a dash of profanity: that's the best way to describe a conversation with noted videogame designer David Jaffe. This summer, having previously stated a desire to produce "pop songs" (shorter, more arcade-y games like Calling All Cars) instead of the "operas" (big AAA franchises like Twisted Metal and God of War) that he'd been known for, Jaffe announced his departure from Sony Computer Entertainment to start up a new company called Eat Sleep Play with former Incognito boss Scott Campbell. As with Bungie and Microsoft, ties remain between Eat Sleep Play and Sony, in the form of an agreement for Jaffe's new shop to produce three games for Playstation platforms; separately, he also plans to make short session games for the PC.

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HarryEtTubMan4023d ago

God of War 3. Yes, please!

gamesblow4023d ago

He looks like he has cancer in that picture. Shame, he should've stayed with Sony... I'm sure they have awesome health benifits. Right? "looks around"

goodganja4023d ago

Sorry Xbots No God of War or Twisted Metal for 360.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

stuntman_mike4023d ago

i think he saw how powerful these consoles are and got scared, so he started to make these throw-away games like calling all cars, he might aswell be making mobile phone games.

gamesblow4022d ago

I personally feel he's afraid of the success he had with God of War... I really do. I think he wanted to go out on a high note and he did. He made/created God of War... Nothing will take that away from him and, to me, I think it's better than god of war 2 by ten fold. It was just better. I can't say why or where... but it just was to me. I think you're right, Jaffee say the power of the ps3 and all that space and empty canvas and just got cold feet. He couldn't reproduce an epic game again. He's not that kind of developer... Ted Price, yeah... He's great. David Jaffe, not so much.