Casey Hudson Interview: How Mass Effect Began

"Imagine a Mass Effect trilogy without aliens, set entirely on one planet. In the first of our series of interviews with Mass Effect's director Casey Hudson, we discuss the genesis of Bioware's sci-fi epic and the different paths that it could have taken. Check out the video below to learn how the project began and why Mass Effect's director doubts a trilogy of this size and scope will ever happen again."

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gamingdroid4838d ago

This is such an awesome interview about one of this generations best game (in my opinion), but nobody is interested and every body is just hanging out in the PSN is down stories.

Blacktric4838d ago

It's nice to see people who are "really" interested in the series.

Nac4838d ago

Casey is by far, the true magic behind BioWare.

Blacktric4838d ago

Agreed. He also tries very hard to promote the games he contributed making unlike most of the developers.

Nac4838d ago

The father of KotOR can do no wrong.

Solidus187-SCMilk4838d ago

I think the ME games are amazing. Having the decisions that carry over from game to game really is one of the coolest things Ive ever seen in a videogame before. I cant wait to see how it effects ME3.

moaradin4838d ago

Casey Hudson and James Ohlen are some of the best people ever.

Redempteur4838d ago

Nice interview.. i hope all the hard work in mass effect 1 & 2 will pay off so that i can have the ultimate team to help for an ultimate challenge ..
i do wonder how the final challenge will be

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The 7 Best Western RPGs: Immersive Adventures

RPGs are often huge, sprawling endeavours. With limited playtime, we have to choose wisely, so here's the best western RPGs available today.

SimpleSlave110d ago

"I started playing games yesterday" the List... Meh!

How about a few RPGs that deserve some love instead?
1 - Alpha Protocol - Now on GOG
2 - else Heart.Break()
3 - Shadowrun Trilogy
4 - Wasteland 2
5 - UnderRail
6 - Tyranny
7 - Torment: Tides of Numenera

And for a bonus game that flew under the radar:
8 - Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

DustMan110d ago

Loved Alpha Protocol in all it's glorious jank. Great game.

SimpleSlave110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Not only glorious jank, but the idea that the story can completely change depending on what you do, or say, or side with, makes it one of the most forward thinking games ever. The amount of story permutation is the equivalent of a Hitman level but in Story Form. And it wasn't just that the story changed, no, it was that you met completely new characters, or missed them, depending on your choices. Made Mass Effect feel static in comparison.

Alpha Protocol was absolutely glorious, indeed. And it was, and still is, more Next Gen than most anything out there these days. In this regard at least.



BioWare Could be Working on More than Just Dragon Age Dreadwolf and Mass Effect 4

Earlier this year, BioWare was hit with layoffs as part of a downsizing of parent company Electronic Arts, but fans have been reassured that the next Mass Effect game hasn’t been impacted. Likewise, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s development is still churning along, with BioWare putting it at the forefront of its focus and rumors suggesting that it could launch sometime later this year. Fans might be getting another look at the long-in-development Dragon Age: Dreadwolf at the Summer Game Fest in June.

If the recently posted job offering for a temporary development manager is any indication, BioWare could have yet another surprise up its sleeve for when Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age: Dreadwolf are nearing completion. This mystery BioWare video game could truly be anything, from another spin-off of its two major properties to something entirely new. All there is to go on at the moment is a vague mention in the job posting, and it might still be some time before BioWare is ready to confirm any new games in its pipeline.

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just_looken114d ago

So a studio that spent years on anthem then this dragon age thing is now also working on another ip along with mass effect,

You think they would be worried that there brand has been on 3 major screw ups

Dragon age 3 launched broken with the frostbite engine yes its a good game but you can see in the late game how rough it was


Mass effect 4 well that dev team was fired so yeah.....

They should make sure this new dragon age is a goat instead of putting more work on the table

bababooiy113d ago

Bioware today is like 150 poeple i dont see how they are seemingly working on all these projects at the same time.

Michiel1989113d ago

Inquisition wasn't broken, it just had some flaws and on the contrary it also had some strengths. If you call inquisition a major screw up then idk what to say.

That said with what happened to the study since then and now, I'm not really confident that their next game will be any good.

just_looken113d ago

If you played it fully to get plat like me back in its novemeber launch window you had that castle with empty area's endgame missions not there or working and a mp that was made around loot box grind like the mass effect mp.

Its hard to explain to those that played it years later after they tossed out the dlc/patch's

Michiel1989113d ago

entitled much? I played it at launch too. Why you even platted it if it was a "major screw up"?
It was good enough for you to sink 100 hours in but also a complete fuckup at the same time, make up your mind.
So either you like shitty games or you're just talking out of your ass.

RaidenBlack113d ago

Well just wanna say, Archetype Entertainment is the new BioWare, composed of mainly ex-BioWare vets.
And they're developing Exodus (starring Matthew McConaughey), a new sci-fi RPG (spiritual successor to Mass Effect, dare I say?)

CantThinkOfAUsername113d ago

I hope it's a single player game with Anthem's gameplay mechanics.

Becuzisaid113d ago

They're owned by EA. What makes you think that they wouldn't publish for PS5? Shoot, if your fridge could connect to your bank account EA would try to release it for that if they could!

Double_O_Revan114d ago

How about they focus on those games and not over extend themselves? We don't need another Anthem.

Becuzisaid113d ago

Bioware died after Inquisition (some would even argue after ME3). They are no longer the same company.