Gran Turismo Devs Says Forza Leads With Features

The creator of Gran Turismo, Kaz Yamauchi has come out and stated that the Xbox 360 Forza Motorsport 2 is way ahead of Gran Turismo in terms of feature sets it offers to its users.

Polyphony Digita's Kaz Yamauchi stated that the two companies do things very different in regards to how they approach the development of the game.

He believes though that Gran Turismo is still the superior product as Forza has a lot of substance but not all of it is quality, where Gran Turismo is pure quality gold.

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HeartlesskizZ4116d ago

(Gran Turismo is still the superior product as Forza has a lot of substance but not all of it is quality, where Gran Turismo is pure quality gold.)

To me they both are great. so to each console their own =)

jromao4116d ago

...and GT will receive updates after release.

JokesOnYou4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

I dont know what he's referring to that lacks quality but its good to know that at least he even knows Forza is way ahead of GT in feature sets it offers, his quality comment just kind of seems like what any dev HAS TO BELIEVE "Mine is better than yours"=


mesh14116d ago

seems to me that the makers of gt5 are not to confident.

Makroyale4115d ago

Without boasting about how much better his product is.

synce4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

I think Yamauchi was a bit generous when he said that Forza has more features. All they have over GT is a poorly implemented livery editor and an auction house to go along with it.

GT does everything else better, ESPECIALLY the replays. FM2 has the worst replay angles I've ever seen, period. Turn 10 can tout that you can watch exciting races online, but they're far from exciting because 1) you can't see half the sh*t that goes on, and 2) switching between cars take several seconds of loading.

And the reason that FM2 does so many things so underwhelmingly is hardware related. That's why it runs at half the resolution of GT5. That's why it has half the cars on track. That's why the cars have half the polygons. That's why there's no dashboard cam.

What? Car damage? Yeah, it - could - be a nice feature in racing games. It's too bad that almost everyone online will either try to break down your car if you're in first place (like I often am) or turn off damage entirely to prevent said losers from spoiling the race. So much for that little feature!

But really, my god. Watching videos of GT5 in motion makes FM2 look last gen in comparison. GT forever.

sanderFVCKINcohen4115d ago

Yeah, Ill admit of what I seen so far on GT5....But, I bet there boring sim racing game cant do this:

sanderFVCKINcohen4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Be patiente, and enjoy the vid above. Because GT5 can never be as fun as that.

The more disagrees I get the more right I am, RIGHT? lolololol

You FONYS can SUCK IT, yes im 14, b!tches....So I can act however I want....

EDIT: YEAH, even without your disagrees fony boys, IM STILL RIGHT!!! lololol!!!

EDIT: @Installshield...YOU DIMWITTS, didnt you just read what I posted? ITS FUN, okay bro...

Kleptic4115d ago

So you are saying GT5 doesn't allow you to change camera angles during a replay?

you are probably right...GT 1 through 4 allowed that, so GT5 probably will not include it are what is wrong with video gaming...

cuco334115d ago

Not to bash GT series, I loved it since the first but was very disappointed with 3 and 4 seeming like the same thing just minor tweaks. The franchise was great but 3 I played less and 4 I played 2 weeks before it started collecting dust.

Forza 2 is a GREAT console racer and I'm sure GT5 will be as well but Polyphony has a HUGE hole to fill after FM2 and frankly graphics alone, no matter how jaw dropping, isn't going to cut it on it's own. For the record, I STILL play Forza 2.


TheSadTruth4115d ago

as a 360 owner I can still admit that Forza and Project Gotham are complete crap compared to Gran Turismo ;(

sonarus4115d ago

We are here talking about realistic racing games and sanderfvukincohen is bringing up PGR4. Compare that with burnout not real racing sims please.
I have a 360 but i refused to get forza on it i played it and it was pretty decent and maybe am jst a die hard GT fan(not sony) but forza wasnt as good as GT4 to me however i did only play the demo and i didnt play it with the wheel which is an essential part of the whole sim experience IMO.

Can any 1 tell me what features forza has that GT dosent asides from the auction, car damage, tuning and car customizations. All of these will probably come in updates car damage and tuning pretty much confirmed and with the release of home am pretty sure the rest will be taking care of. I would like to see forza update to 1080p at 60fps. would like to see them update to even half the graphics of GT5. 16 car races would like to see that too. The new in car steering wheel view is beyond sick. Like the guy said its quality over quantity and GT5 has more quality and updates will take care of the quantity part to.

cuco334115d ago

YOU'RE MISSING OUT MAN!!!! The best parts of Forza aren't even in the demo! Put it this way, even though I was highly disappointed with GT4 I still loved the series. In my book, Forza sh*ts on GT (that's not saying that GT is bad, it's just light years ahead).

You can do so much but 1st off know that all cars in Forza are ones most use in racing, wether it be amateur or pro series like in SCCA. You won't find a Ford Model T or a Nike shoe car ;)
Here's just 3 things I absolutely love about FM2 that GT doesn't have.
1. online. I know GT5 will have it, it was supposed to have it in GT3/4. No need to wait.
2. paint jobs. custom paint a car any way you like.
3. damage modeling. let's face it, you can win in GT if constantly grinding against the wall or other cars. In FM2 if you have full damage on, you crash the car against a wall on the right side, your whole right side will act funny, like steering, braking, etc. It might not be THE most realistic damage modeling but for a console I thought it was great. Makes you drive right rather than a d*ck. If playing with the wheel, the force feedback will be there when the car keeps veering to the right if you crash. My buddy raced a 25 lapper with us and he complained at the end of the race cuz he crashed 1/2 way through the race and kept holding the wheel against the direction it wanted to go due to the damage.

You'll most likely see all that extra eye candy you mentioned in Forza 3 since the developers really got hashed for having jaggies. Personally I'm big on racing sims (both PC and console) and I'll forgo eye candy any day of the week if the sim acts like a sim and not an arcade racer.

Really hope GT5 lives up to the hype

BrianC62344115d ago

Was this posted by some Xbox fan to make GT look bad? This interview was posted last week I believe on this site. That should be enough. Why was it posted again with a new spin?

sonarus4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

You just proved my point. Online racing GT5 has not sure how many cars you can race wit believe its 10 or 14 for GT not sure. Custom paint jobs are cool but have nothing to do with sim racing and i repeat absolutely nothing. And then there is the car damage. I have to admit its nice to have because it will only make GT more real that it already is. Unfortunately GT5 will more than likely have this included. Now lets talk about the 700 plus cars GT4 had and GT5 will prob have more(better have more). All those cars that GT will have over forza are the kinda stuff us real racing sim fans look for not custom paint jobs. The feature i am most excited for in GT is not even online or car damage but the new in car steering wheel mode. Thats what sim fans look for not lame as custom paint jobs. I don't play racing sims with controller i use wheel PGR4, burnout, motorstorm, dirt and need for speed those 1's i play with controller but when it comes to racing sim i need my wheel and nothing can be sweeter racing in car steering with my wheel. You may like forza but GT is still better. Also as a gamer my eye gets drawn to graphics the more realer a game looks the more am likely to prefer it. Though its not always the case but it usually is. Gamers always go for graphics.

And for your comment on forza 3 we GT6 will murder that game with ease. Forza 3 still wnt be 1080p 60fps and i honestly dnt believe a game that looks as nice as GT can be done on the 360. I mean the closest game you got to lookin like GT is PGR4 and they were already running out of space on that 1.

The Wood4115d ago

he's a cynic but honest too

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power of Green 4116d ago

He's saying GT's going to look a little prettier but fails to be what Forza is, got it.

mighty_douche4116d ago

maybe we should wait till we actually KNOW what the different features are.

and lets be honest, 'a little prettier'? much much prettier.

BLlNK4116d ago

Grand Turismo is the best selling race franchise of all time. Although Forza was great in many ways, GT5 has better control. IMO. It's a more balanced Sim racer.

Zhuk4116d ago

Gran Turismo while 10 years ago was a groundbreaking game the fact is that it by no means is a true simulation and it hasnt changed that much except for better graphics, if GT5 really wants people's respect over Forza 2 it needs to revamp that old and simple physics system.

It's a fact that Xbox 360 provides gamers with the best racing games to cater for all audiences, from Burnout to PGR to Forza 2 the Xbox 360 gives racers a choice on how they want to play and offers more sophisticated and feature rich gameplay compared to the PS3 and GT5.

I will still enjoy the hell out of GT5 though and am really looking forward to prologue demo

mirroredderorrim4115d ago

I like how you twist the words of a highly regarded game developer.
Nice job.

sonarus4115d ago

A little pretier? lol tell me when they start comparing screens of forza with real life then we can talk about a little prettier. GTHD even has better graphics than forza . I honestly cnt wait for GT to get its tuning and car damage and dynamic weather. Silly car manufacturers dnt want their cars damaged they should jst give GT the go ahead so silly forza fans can shut up. Forza bearly holds a candle to GT4 and you wanna compare it to GT5 get serious man

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snoopgg4116d ago

Which game has more cars? I thought Granturismo always had more cars. I buy this game for the cars, not other features that the game really doesn't need.

therealwillie4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

i doubt gt will have more cars seeing as it takes like 170 odd days for one person to make one of them, but they will be shiny!!!

power of Green 4116d ago

Most people buy games attempting to be a sim for the options, control or feel and customization. You may buy a sim thats more arcade than sim but car nuts buy sims for more than being able to drive mini vans and other cars no one cars about.

therealwillie4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

ya but lets say i owned a crappy little van, i'd like to be able to play it, besides forza really wasnt that good.

Jdoki4115d ago

Just because a game states it has 100's and 100's of cars, if they are only marginally different what's the point?

I'd rather have less cars from a wider variety of manufacturers, than a 98, 99, 2000,01, 02, 03 etc etc etc Subaru Impreza variation.

This is a criticism of any game that promises hundreds of cars...

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WIIIS14116d ago

Ahahahahahaha! Straight from the dev's mouth - and the words are:-
(a) Forza is "waaaaaaaay ahead" of GT;and
(b) "I am having difficulty explaining the differences" [choke] when justifying GT.

Wonder what the Sonyboys' spin is going to be now...

mighty_douche4116d ago

GT5 doesnt even have a release date yet, i expect roughly a year to go. their compairing a finished game to one thats still in development. lets all try and refrain from the fanboy crap your trying and wait untill we see an official list of GT5's cars and features.

Bathyj4116d ago

How can you misquote the article when its right there? Waaaaay ahead? He doesn't even said that. You should just be happy he gave the game props and accept it gracefully. Look the word up if you dont know what it means.

And as for explaining the differences I think the watch thing is pretty good.

The only thing Forza really really has up on GT is a paint option that could have been a lot more user friendly.

Oh, and damage. Awesome. Shame the whole game looks like a car wreck.

Enjoy your Casio.

WIIIS14115d ago

The watch thing is pretty good? How can the watch analogy possibly be good? Why not try something a bit more relevant like a car analogy? You don't ever hear about a luxury or performance car ever having less features than a low-end car do you?

And why are you telling us how we should react to an admission by a dev of the inferior features in their game? At least we have a basis to gloat, unlike some who gloat over a game that hasn't even been released. Where were you with your sagely advice when your camp gloats without basis?

Yep, go enjoy your Toyota dressed up as a Lexus 'cos that's what GT is all about next to Forza - branding and appearances.